Magazine are not complete without adverts. In a print magazine, this is the way that institutions get their profit. The adverts aren’t just placed in the magazine without thought, they need to fit my target audiences Psychographics & Demographic so that it appeals to them. In a previous task I made a dating profile outlining my ‘perfect audience member.’ From this I know that my audience member likes;

  • Travel
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Make – up
  • Adidas Clothing
  • Drinking
  • Fashion
  • Other R&B artists (Rihanna, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, R Kelly)

Using this Information, I have chosen two adverts that are relevant to my genre.

I chose this advert because ‘Alicia Keys’ is an R&B artist. I know that if my audience are reading my magazine that they are likely to like other R&B artists too. I also know that Alicia Keys is an activist for feminism and from research I know that the this aligns with the beliefs of my audience.

I know that my audience takes pride in their appearance and therefor I chose this advert because it is selling a type of mascara. I also chose this advert because it fits the conventional darker colours of an R&B magazine such as the Reds and blacks, so it suits my magazine well.

A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft



Front page, Changes ?
  • I’ve added an extra pug to my magazine down the bottom. One of the suggested improvements was to move the pug from the centre, so I moved it slightly to the side and added an extra one so it gave the look of a polaroid picture. I thought that this would add to the modern style of it.
  • I moved the text down more so that most of the white text is on the blue sleeve. It’s now legible.
  • I made the ‘discover tour tickets’ bigger to make it stand out


Content Page, changes ?
  • I used photoshop to change the colour of the cover star who on the pug. One of the suggested improvements was to change the image in the pug as it looked too similar to the other picture. Instead of doing this I tinted the colour of her clothes and mirrored the image so that it looked completely different.
  • I changed the pull quote so that it makes more sense.

Double Page Spread, changes ?
  • I changed the colour of the finishing paragraph to make it stand out. I did this because this paragraph is selling the album so I need it to draw attention towards it
  • I also added a boarder to my magazine so each page looked complete.
  • I changed the colour and size of my pull quote and moved it down slightly. I chose the blue so that there wasn’t too much of one colour and it also goes with the colour scheme of the page.

Mission Statement

RB Verse is a world renowned magazine highlighting the newly discovered sound that is Contemporary R&B music. Here we aim to amplify the Independent, Expressive and Diverse sound of the ever growing community. We offer the best platform to access all things R&B from new music to exclusive interviews.’

What have I done to achieve my mission statement ?

I have achieved my mission statement by including the exclusive interview as the topic for my double page spread. I have included the Independence on my front cover in the cover lines ‘Millies making movement.’ I also included the Expressive  part in my cover lines ‘shut down the hate on race.’ This is a bold and unapologetic phrase and reaffirms the views of the R&B genre.


So… How’s it going ?

What new transferable skills have I learnt ?

There are many transferable skills that I have learnt and developed so far in media. Transferable skills are the ones that are not only relevant in this course but can be transferred and used in other areas of my life too. Some of the skills that I have developed, in particular are;

Patience – One thing that has been really challenging for me is having patience. It has been very frustrating when things didn’t go right the first time and I have learnt to stay calm and have patience, so that I could find the right solution to fix the problem.

Communication – Communication is a key skill in media and arguably one of the most important, especially when it comes to working with other people. I’ve had to work on my communication when planning and conducting shoots to make sure that me and my models are prepared with the right equipment so that we can make the most productive use of our shoot time.

Time management – I’ve had to really work on my time management during media so far. I’ve learnt that it is really important to know exactly how much time you have and don’t over estimate how long you can leave something. You need to do it, when it needs to be done. I’ve developed this skill through my blog posts. At the beginning of the course I left my posts a little too long and then when I caught up I made sure that I had enough time to complete the posts when they needed to be done. I think this is still a skill that I need to expand on more in the future.

I hope that these skills that I have learnt will help me to be more efficient in tasks in the future. I also hope that I can transfer these skills across my other subjects so that they can benefit me in other areas too.

Design Skills 2

Since I began using Indesign and Photoshop I have learnt and developed many skills, that have been beneficial to me when designing my magazine. When I needed to learn a new skill, I looked at youtube tutorials to enable me to do this successfully. Here are some of the clips that helped me create my magazine;

Double Page Spread

This clip helped me to soften the edges of my image on my double page spread, so that the image looked more fitted and faded nicely onto the other page to help the page flow.


Contents Page

This clip helped me when it came to adding a drop shadow to one of my text boxes. I wanted to create a 3D effect to my contents page aside from all of the text so that the consumer wouldn’t get overwhelmed with the amount of the writing on the page. It helps to break the text up slightly.


Having a pug of ‘next months’ edition is conventional on a contents page. For my contents page I wanted to create a very small pug for the top of my magazine to fit this convention. Without having to do another shoot, I used Photoshop to adjust the colour of one of my stars costumes so that it looked as though I had photographed another person. I did this by using the colour burn tool. By using this tool I changed the colour of the trousers to pink and the colour of the jacket to green this created the illusion that I had done another shoot.

All of these skills helped my to make my magazine;

  • Fit conventions. e.g the pug of a miniature magazine
  • Helped give my magazine an extra layer so that it didn’t seem 2D and unimaginative
  • Helped to give my magazine a polished and clean finish.




Complete Magazine Draft 3

This is my complete magazine draft 3.


Below is a screencatify with feedback from my teacher.



Front Cover 

  • Make the plug ‘discover tour tickets’ bigger
  • Check the legibly of the cover lines on the right hand side – Possibly move them down.
  • Change ‘poster’ to ‘posters’
  • Move the yellow plug to the side as it looks slightly out of place in the middle
  • Move the barcode to the other side ?

Contents Page 

  • Make the pug a bit bigger
  • Change the image of the pug as it looks too similar to the main photo
  • Change the pull quote so that it makes more sense

Double page spread

  • Make the pull quote bigger and move is down
  • Adjust the colors and make sure that the quote is all the same size
  • Need something to make the pages stand out from each other – some type of boarder.
  • Make the editors comment bold and stand out
  • Add more of an introduction to the stand first


A New Improved Contents Page


                                                    DRAFT 1                                            DRAFT 2


Improvements ?

After completing a draft 1 I had a couple things that I wanted to add and tweak for my next draft. The things that I have changed are;

  • The colour of the subheadings because on draft 2 they weren’t very legible.
  • The main quote so that it made more sense.
  • Added an editors comment section in the gap.
  • Made a plug for the top of the magazine.
  • Added a link to the website.
  • Made the word ‘contents’ taller and closer together
  • Centred the by line text.

I asked for my peers for feedback so that I could see whether there was any further improvements I could make to my contents page. Here are their responses;

How does the contents page work in tandem with the front cover ?

I think that your contents page flows really well with your front cover because you have used a similar colour scheme through both pages. I really like the blue that you’ve used for page numbers and the yellow that you have used to highlight the subheadings. I can clearly see through the contents page, that your genre is R&B. Especially with the mention of Beyonce and subheadings like the natural curls one.

Describe the image of the stars using adjectives ?

Bold, Empowering and Expressive

How do the cover lines reflect a music magazine ?

I think that your cover lines reflect a music magazine really well. The ones that I think work the best are; ‘Golden Hour’, ‘Platinum’ and ’50 greatest R&B hits’. They really catch my attention because they are short. At the same time they don’t give much away so they urge you to carry on reading.

What aspects do you consider conventional / unconventional ?

I think that the use of the colour yellow is slightly unconventional for an R&B magazine however I think it works in this context because it draws attention to the cover lines and the shade of yellow that it is doesn’t distract from your genre. The mention of being ‘unapologetic’ and ‘diverse’ in the editors comment is a convention of the R&B genre. You have used all the other conventions of a magazine well such as; cover lines, images, plug, page numbers and an editors comment.

I will use the comments from my peers along with my own ideas to create a final draft 3 of my contents page. Which will hopefully communicate my brand effectively.









Draft Of Contents Page

After completing a draft of both my front page and double page spread,  I have now started to design and create my contents page. I did some research prior to completing my draft and looked at things like the conventions, content and designs. Here are a couple of examples of contents pages that I liked ;

Image result for magazine contents page   Image result for magazine contents page

I liked how each different section / column is separated by a small line. I think this gives each part of information a distinct start and end point, which allows me to read it easily and avoids making the text look all merged together. Another thing that I liked was the insert of the front cover on the contents page, this is something I would like to replicate in my design.


Things that worked well:

  • I think that the color scheme that I have used has worked well. I’ve incorporated the main colors from my front page and brought them across so my magazine feels as though it flows from one page to the other.
  • I think I have used a good range of fonts and sizes
  • I like the main image that I have used as it relates to my double page spread article
  • I like the insert of a smaller version of my front cover.

Things that I need to do next :

  • reduce the size of the front cover [small version]  and move it downwards. – add some text about ‘Today cover star.’
  • Above the ‘cover star’ article add three more columns with headlines in them.
  • In the smaller square at the bottom add an editors comment.
  • In the small square at the top, create a smaller version of a front cover and insert it at the top with a title ‘Next weeks issue.’
  • Adjust the font of the subheadings as its not entirely legible on the yellow background.
  • Mention somewhere on the page a link to the magazines website.
  • Where it says ‘styling by Laura’ make it central.



A New Improved Double Page Spread

From the peer feedback I received on my previous draft, I have created a new and improved version of my double page spread. The targets that I took from my feedback included things like;

  • Add other conventional features Page No, By line, Name of Photographer etc.
  • Add a small intro at the beginning underneath the stand first.
  • Add drop shadow to masthead to make it stand out.
  • Make each paragraph Stand out, add space, line or block color
  • Adjust the color of the questions, so that I don’t over use the same color.
  • Give only the first paragraph a drop capital 3 – 4 lines lower.
  • Change the size and font of my pull quote / put a smaller image here instead.
  • Break up each paragraph more by adding a subtle line or block color.

Below is a copy of Draft 2 of my Double page spread. [Click on the image to view as a PDF ]


Things that I have changed;

  • I have changed the positioning of the masthead. Previously I had it placed across the page and though it was unconventional and did add a bit of diversity to the page, it wasn’t realistic to have it as it was because the words would have been lost over the fold line. It wouldn’t be legible if it were in hardback copy. I also thought that the masthead didn’t stand out as much as it could so I added an Inner shadow to the word ‘Wrong’ which gives it a 3D effect.

  • Another thing I have changed is the colour of the subheadings – questions. I did this because as suggested in my feedback, there was too much of the same colour. I like the way the font is now black and I also changed the stroke of the text to make it more bold then the rest of the paragraph. One of my targets was to make each paragraph stand out from each other. I added slightly more distance between each paragraph by adjusting the spacing. I also added a thin line beneath each question to really distinguish where each answer began and ended. I liked this design feature because I think it connotes a modern fashionable sense, which I know appeals to my audience Demographics and psychographics.

  • I didn’t like the idea of having a quote in the middle of the text as I thought this looked to wordy and busy. Instead I placed another image from my shoot in it’s place and I plan on putting my pull quote on the side of the image. I didn’t want the image that I inserted to look to harsh so I feathered the edges of the photo and adjusted it so that the corners were rounded instead of straight edges.

  • I have also added other conventions such as the page numbers, name of photographer, name of editor.

I think that the improvements I have made have helped make my magazine portray a better sense of my genre. I have looked at other double page spreads, that appear in R&B specific magazines and the thing I found most persistent in all of them was the colour scheme of red / darker pink and black. This is something that I have tried to adopt in my design so that my genre is obvious without having to read the article itself. On the final draft I would like to add my pull quote and also some type of boarder around the left hand side of the page. I think there is too much white space at the moment.

A New Improved Feature Article

Having designed my double page spread it is important that I can add my feature article to the page. I currently have place holder text in it’s place, so I can see my design but having my article there will really help the page come together. Using feedback from both my Teacher and Peers, I have made some adjustments to my feature article. Hopefully, their suggestions will help my article to read better than it was before.

Draft 2                                               Draft 3 

What changes have I made ?
  • I have adjusted some spelling and grammar errors
  • I have added some extra information to my stand first so that it feels more like an introduction and helps it to flow better
  • I changed my paragraph at the end so that rather than it sounding like a conclusion it sounds as though my star is trying to sell something. I added where and when the album could be brought.
What effect will they have ?
  • Having the right punctuation and grammar will help the article to flow better and look more professional
  • Letting the audience know where they can get the product will give the article a purpose
  • Giving more of an introduction allows the consumers to have an idea of what they are reading but I also tried to make it more persuasive as the stand first is the second thing – after the masthead – that the consumer reads and then decides weather they read own or not so it’s really important to get this right.

Other Improvements

I think that when I put my article on my double page spread, I would like to make the paragraph at the end really distinct so that it stands out, as that is the main advert of the article. I think that I will do this by using an alternative colour to the rest of the text and maybe having it in italics as it is a bit of an aside.