Lip Syncing Excersize

The Video

What went well
  • Our performer was confident, smiling and keeping eye contact with the camera.
  • The music is in sync with the performer throughout the video.
  • There is a range of different backgrounds to keep the audience intrigued.
  • The edits fit the beat well.
What I would change
  • I would try to have a greater variety of angles and distances.
  • Film in locations where the background suits the theme / genre of the song better.
  • Film the whole song in each location so that there is a good variety of shots to edit between.
  • I learnt how to use markers to make It clear to me where the clip needs to start and finish. This made it easier to make the audio sync with performer in the clip.
  • I also learnt how to put clips on different layers. There was one clip in particular that I couldn’t write get to sync with the music. So I put this clip on a different layer to the rest of the video and this allowed me to see exactly where I needed to cut the clip without changing & rearranging the whole video.

This task has helped me to learn some new skills in Premier Pro. I now know the basics of editing and hopefully I will learn and develop some more skills that will help me to edit my own music video. I would like to learn how to add some more effects to the video as a pose to the abrupt transitions between each clip. I think that this would really enhance my video and make it more interesting to the viewers.

Lip Syncing Filming

In order to understand how filming a music video works, as a class we decided to choose the song Lady Gaga – Poker Face to create a mock music video. For this task, we weren’t focussing on designing a full video but mainly thinking about how lip syncing works and how to film the song so that we have enough content to edit between clips.

  • We decided to film in a couple different locations with different background. This added variety to the shots (although this was not our main focus). If we had been focussing on creating a full video, I would have found a better variety of locations, ones that would have suited the theme better


  • We made sure to alter angles and distances in the shots. There is a shot [0:38] that is a close up of Lucy singing where she is looking directly into the camera. There is also a shot at [0:45] that is a long shot. This is showing Lucy and Izzy switching between seats. We took a slight comedic approach when we thought about filming this part.

  • There were a couple of occasions when we were directing Lucy, where we asked her to add slight movement to what she was doing so that you could infer her enthusiasm through her actions. [1:14] This shot is where we asked her to flip her hair around to add a bit of sass as this songs presents an overconfident theme.

Lip Syncing

  • I think that the most challenging part of lip syncing is pronouncing the words enough so that they can be identified but not too much so that it looks over exaggerated. I think that the people in our group who lip synced, did this well and found a medium ground.
  • Another thing that we learnt is that it is easier when you are filming, to have the track playing in the background otherwise it is going to be impossible to sync. As the person lip syncing won’t know what beat or rhythm they are going lip syncing too.
The Edit
  • The hardest part when it comes to editing the clips is getting the lip syncing and the music in sync. We used Premier Pro to edit our clips and learnt how to use the markers so that we could Identify where to stop and start the clip.
  • The most difficult part in our edit, was when we were flipping between different shots in the chorus. This part was quite fast paced and getting it in time was a bit challenging. However we managed to find the right point by leaving a bit after the lip syncing had finished before adding the next clip.

What have I learnt from this ?

I think that this task has been really helpful as it has given me a hands on experience as to what it is like to sync music with a video, film and edit. The things that I would do differently next time are;

  • Make sure that we film the whole song in one location. This will make it easier to pick parts of the song that I like and also gives me more of a variety to choose from when editing.
  • Make sure to leave leeway either side of the clip that you are filming. This will help when syncing the clip with music, if you need to leave it longer or have a bit before the clip .
  • Make sure that you choose a confident model. Luckily in our group there were two people who were willing to lip sync and did it confidently. You need people who are confident in order for the video to have the energy and so that it can portray it’s intended meaning.


Initial song ideas for a video – Mini pitch

We were tasked to choose one song that we would like to use for our music video. I considered quite a few songs that I liked and managed to narrow it down to my favourite one and the one that I think will make the best music video.

The song that I chose is:
    • Go High – Kelly Clarkson
Why did I choose this song ?

I think that the story behind the lyrics in this song would make a really great music video. The lyrics talk about being determined and overcoming adversity. I think that there is multiple ways that this could be shown through a narrative. I would also like to make my video an amplification. This is because I am going to interpret the lyrics and follow the theme of the song instead of having my star act it out word for word.

The Song

 The Lyrics

From the lyrics I would infer the themes of;

  • Determination
  • Hope
  • Love

Narrative / Performance

The idea behind the lyrics is that the artist is constantly being pushed back and is rising over all of this adversity. I would like to follow the idea of overcoming adversity as the overarching narrative of the video. I would like my video to be 30 N : 70 P. For the performance I want my star to be making this journey through a tough situation which could include shots of my star being told they can’t do something or being able to see them physically fail at something and then as the video progresses so does the achievement in what they are trying to do. I’d like to include a lot of golden colours as gold is the colour I would associate as winning and success but also confidence as well.


Favorite Music Video from Former Student

Today I watched some former students music videos. I was looking out for what conventions they have or haven’t included and the narrative & performance of the video. This will help me have a good idea of what is achievable, as a student and what I could do differently to make sure my music video will follow certain conventions.

This is my favorite of the music videos I watched;

Why do I like it ?
Technical Conventions
  • Lip syncing – All of the parts where the actor is lip syncing are in time and in sync with the music. It looks as though she is singing in the video which gives it a clean polished look.
  • Editing – I really liked the editing at the beginning of clip when there was a lot of very quick transitions. I think this portrayed the pace of the song really well. It gives an added sense of chaos.
  • Lighting – I like how the video is introduced in black & white and then darker lighting is added in a bit later.  The song has quite a dark undertone and having these colors compliments that theme
Star representation & image
  • Make – up – She is wearing dark bold lipstick and dramatic black eye shadow and eye liner. I think that this represents the star and song really well as it has a gloomy, somber theme and I’d associate that with those darker colours.
  • Mise – En – Scene – The mise en scene of the star suggests to me that she is this edgy / intimidating person. She is wearing her hair in a messy carefree style. The mise en scene of the star matches with the setting as everything around her is dark and solemn.
Narrative / Performance Ratio
  • 20 N : 80 P
  • I think that the video is an amplification. This is because it closely links with some of the lyrics but it is interpreting them in different ways as a pose to acting them out word for word. There is a lyric that says ‘I said it three times, said it three times.’ at this point in the video she isn’t speaking three times however there is a fast edit where she is moving in three different positions.

Watching these past students music videos, has helped to give me an idea as to what I can achieve as a student. I think that this video in particular really demonstrates how the star image and who you chose to be the star is really important. I look at the star and immediately associate her with this song because of how she is presented. This is something that I am going to aim to do when it comes to creating my own music video.

Detailed Music Video analysis

After briefly analyzing four music videos, I looked into two more in greater detail. For this, I looked at the Mise – En – Scene, performance and narrative of the video and how these impact the star image and the video overall. The two videos that I analysed were :

    •  Thursday – Jess Glynne
    •  Born to Die – Lana Del Ray

Here is the analysis for Jess Glynne – Thursday

Here is my analysis for  Lana Del Ray – Born To Die

This task was important because it helped me to be able to deconstruct the narrative, star image and conventions of a music video. This will help me with my own production ideas when it comes to creating and constructing my own music video. I have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t work.

Music Video Form & Conventions

To help me understand a music video better, I need to know what a music video actually is. I’ve learnt that a music video follows either a Performance or Narrative or both. I also know that they can take the form of an; Illustration, Amplification or Disjuncture.

  • Illustration – The narrative in the video closely links to the lyrics & music
  • Amplification – The narrative whilst inspired by the song adds a new element to compliment the song. Takes ideas from the theme.
  • Disjuncture – The narrative seems to hold very little relationship to the song and seems quite random.

I chose four different music videos to analyse looking out for the Mise – en – scene; Themes and how closely the video links to the song. [Click on the analysis to view them as a PDF]

Camilla Cabello – My Oh My


Katy Perry – Never Worn White


Ariana Grande – Thank u, next


Demi lovato – I Love Me


I think that this task was really helpful as it has allowed me to look deeper into the meaning of music videos. It will also be helpful moving forward as I am more aware of what conventions I would like to include in my music video. For example I would like my video to take the form of an amplification as I think this is the best way to portray the themes of a song.

Mood Montage

The task

This week we were introduced to the software Premier pro which we used to create a mood montage. The brief for our task was;

” Using montage filming editing to create a short film (40 seconds – 1 minute) which communicates a single, simple idea.”

Working in small groups we selected our theme which was Fall seven times and get up eight’  and an emotion; frustration & determination, to portray through our piece.



montage is made by piecing together separate sections of film to portray a theme / idea through a short clip. We had to be cautious to make sure our piece didn’t resemble a continuity edit. With this in mind, we started planning and to help us we used post-it notes to draft the shots. Doing it this way was helpful because we could mix and match the sequence whilst planning, instead of having to keep redoing drafts.

Below is an image of our planning;

Filming & Editing

We planned to film the shots where we were in school clothes first, so that we avoided wasting time changing in and out of costumes. We filmed the Art, Guitar, and Gaming shots first and then the Majorettes, Running and skipping shots later. We alternated who was filming each time so that everyone had a turn both in front and behind the camera.

We originally planned to have the three shots of Cassidy, Fin and I looking frustrated all one after another. After some consideration and feedback we decided that this looked too much like a continuity edit. We adapted this idea and instead put clips in-between the frustrated faces and repeated those shots at later points. This worked better and showed a metaphor for the growing frustration. We added in some motivational music so which has both dramatic and uplifting points which we decided aligned well with frustration and determination.

Below is my groups montage


Do you think your montage has an impact?

I think that our montage has worked well to achieve the theme of frustration. The repetition of the shots where each of us held our head in our hands helped portray the sense of irritation we had after failing each task [0:05/0:10/0:16].

Do you get a sense of feeling or story / relationship?

I think that there is a narrative to the clip. You can see the progression from failure to success without each event happening in order. As the progression was made, the repetitive shots of the frustrated faces phased out [0:20 onwards] which symbolises one of our key emotions determination as each character was overcoming and ‘rising’ after the failures.

How does one specified cut create meaning?

As the characters in the clip develop their skill, we used the metaphor of walking up the stairs to represent the ‘rising’ after falling [0:21]. This is a reference to the determination of each of our characters as they are improving and trying after ‘falling 7 times’ they are getting back up the eighth. I like the way that our group reversed this action that we used previously. As earlier in the clip [0:07] we used the walking downstairs action to portray the failure / falling.

Is there a sense of progression or are you trying just to reflect an experience?

I think that our montage is all about progression. We took the idea ‘Falling 7 times and getting up 8’ and interpreted it by showing how you can fail multiple times and it can be very frustrating, then at the same time it doesn’t matter how many times you fail you are determined and you progress and succeed the last (eighth)  time.

Do you use repetition of some shots? If so, how do they help communicate your idea?

We repeated the shots of us holding our faces. We did this in order to covey the sense of growing frustration by adding them in more frequently. The repetition of these shots helped to exaggerate the emotion so that it could be obviously denoted by viewers.

What additional shot would you have liked to get to further communicate the idea?

I would have liked to get more shots of what could be seen as ‘stereotypical’ frustration. Possibly a clip where one of us was slamming the door or one of us punching down on a table. I think this would have helped to reaffirm the idea of frustration instead of having to repeat the same frustrated action over and over.


I think that this task has been really helpful as an initial look into what it is like to portray a theme / emotion through video. I think that overall our video was successful but I think with a bit more time and those additional shots, we could have portrayed our theme a lot better. This task will help me moving forward as I now have a sound understanding of how to use the basic tools in Premier pro and I am more aware of filming on my camera. I know I should leave a short amount of time before and after the action in my video so that I can edit my clip whilst having leeway either side.


Magazine are not complete without adverts. In a print magazine, this is the way that institutions get their profit. The adverts aren’t just placed in the magazine without thought, they need to fit my target audiences Psychographics & Demographic so that it appeals to them. I know that audience members seek 4 different things from media; according to the Blumler. I will try to make my adverts fit at least one of uses for my target audience. In a previous task I made a dating profile outlining my ‘perfect audience member.’ From this I know that my audience member likes;

  • Travel
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Make – up
  • Adidas Clothing
  • Drinking
  • Fashion
  • Other R&B artists (Rihanna, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, R Kelly)

Using this Information, I have chosen two adverts that are relevant to my genre.

I chose this advert because ‘Alicia Keys’ is an R&B artist. I know that if my audience are reading my magazine that they are likely to like other R&B artists too. I also know that Alicia Keys is an activist for feminism and from research I know that the this aligns with the beliefs of my audience and also their personal identity.

I know that my audience takes pride in their appearance and therefor I chose this advert because it is selling a type of mascara. I also chose this advert because it fits the conventional darker colours of an R&B magazine such as the Reds and blacks, so it suits my magazine well.