A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

After long hours of tweaking and editing, making final developments to react to the feedback I had received from my teacher and peers, I feel as if I have completed my music magazine: BALMY. 

I am overall happy with how my magazine looks and it is ready to be submitted, below I have attached my final pages with a few notes on my last changes.

Front Cover


There are a few tweaks which I made to my front cover to reach this final product:

  • I added another set of violin string-like lines and added the quote from the star under the stars name to connect the two together and clean up the bottom right corner.
  • I added a drop shadow to the main cover line and Star name to make it pop out more and add more depth.
  • Tilted the pug a little anti-clockwise, as pugs are conventionally tilted in front covers.
  • Changed the date to July 2020.
  • I added a few Jazz star names under the featured cover lines on the right, to increase the audiences desire and attraction to read the magazine, with well known names in it.


Contents Page

What final changes did I make? :

  • I moved the Image of Millie inwards, off the line of spotlights, which now I have done feels a lot cleaner and sticks out to me more.
  • I added another line of red dots from the top, to match the other side of the headlines and make it symmetrical, adding a cool bouncy energy.
  • I added page numbers next to every headline to match contents page conventions and make it easier for the reader to find the right page.
  • Adding a red drop shadow to my star image, I feel makes the Star stand out more to the reader but also links the whole page together with the colour scheme and light style.
  • I also made sure that the spacing out of letters and alignments were all equal and correct to make it look professional and tidy.


Double Page Spread

Here are the last edits I made to my Double Page Spread:

  • I aligned all the paragraphs to a column, including my introduction which I removed from the paint splatter and placed under the heading. Aligning the text made everything seem more organised and tidy, making it easier for the readers to read.
  • I changed the layout of the DPS headline, so that the stars name was one one side of the page, and the rest was organised in a cleaner and closer manner on the right side.
  • I changed the font of the pull quote ‘Never Judge, Always Imagine to a less violent font which matched the headline. I prefer this font as it looks handwritten by the star suggesting creativity and making the Star more ordinary than extraordinary to the reader.
  • I changed the colour of the outline around Millie from black to a peach-pink type colour, as its a lot softer and tied in with my colour scheme. It also helps portray Millie as more approachable and passionate rather than daunting in a black outline.
  • I added a de-saturated red filter over the bookshelf, as I felt there was too much of a texture contrast between the outline around Millie and the bookshelf, it also made the whole page more attractive and interesting.

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