Complete Magazine Draft (3)

After more tweaks and additions to my magazine, I have come to a point which I feel somewhat content with how my magazines look, excluding some things I need to put in, and have attached my draft 3 ready for my teacher to give me feedback.


At this stage in production, any source of feedback is really helpful as its hard to notice your mistakes when your working on it for hours, therefore my teacher has made a Screencastify of her giving some feedback on my draft 3, so I can get some feedback from a fresh pair of eyes.

I have attached the Screencastify my teacher sent me below, we had some issues with attaching my DPS draft for the recording, however I took note of the feedback she gave me and added it to my Screencastify Summary.



Feedback Summary


Front Cover

  • Add anther cover line between the two on the right, or add some Jazz artists under ‘Featured’ and make the ‘The best Jazz cafes in New York’ separate above.
  • Make pug bitter and slant it as pugs are conventionally tilted.
  • Pull the rectangle in bottom right down slightly.
  • Try connect the quote to Star Name as it seems separate at the moment.
  • Change date to summer 2020.

Contents pageĀ 

  • Check spacing between ‘n’ and ‘o’ of contents title.
  • Move image of Millie inward and off the spotlights.
  • All contents headlines need a page number.
  • Add red dots at top to make symmetrical.


  • Make the outline of Millie a different, softer colour.
  • Check alignment of paragraph headings and spacing.
  • Remove the paint splatter, the writing is illegible and looks odd.
  • Add page number on left.
  • Just say ‘continued…’ rather than ‘final two tips on next page’.

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