Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

My lip sync video:





Why is ‘skilled’ lip syncing important to the star image?

Having a star with skilled lip syncing is crucial to the star image, as it makes the star seem more professional and a talented artists, who knows what they’re singing about, emphasising confidence and good rhythm. Having a star without decent lip syncing skills will disarrange the video and portray an unskilled, sloppy star image.

What tips could you give to your performer in advance of recording?

Having had a bit of experience as the performer, I believe it would be beneficial in running through the song several times before actually filming to make sure the performer knows the lyrics but also the rhythm and beat of the song well.  Additionally, I would tell my performer to feel confident and lose all anxieties about it so that all lyrics are emphasises clear and confidently.

Why is it important to get an actor who ‘looks like the voice’ i.e. pay attention to the grain of voice?

A swell as common sense, I believe this plays an important role in the narrative, the look of the star must generally match the voice, for example you generally wouldn’t get an Indian woman to sing a death metal song would you. This is crucial in the narrative as well, as if the voice matches the look of the star it helps exaggerate the emotions of the lyrics, directly linking to the star.

What technical tips have you gained from Premier pro/wevideo to help edit a lip synced section? Markers?

Premier pro is a completely new software to me, so this prelim task really helped me understand the basics I will need to sync my music video in the near future. Before importing our videos to premier pro, we uploaded and listened to the song, making markers at every beat and lyric we replicated in our videos, then uploading them it was an easy job of matching the song with the video from the markers made.

What would you do differently to improve the final edit (transitions, green screen, filters?)

Overall I believe our experiment at a lip sync video went well, as we experimented with camera movement and angles to portray a sassy and confident star image, however an obvious mistake is filming half the footage in portrait, which will definitely not happen again as we will be using DLSR cameras in the real go. A green screen would be interesting to experiment with to see how we could use it in our own videos, but given the circumstances we couldn’t. However to conclude this small task has given me a wider image of the range of things we can do in our music videos to help make the star image and narrative, also acknowledging the mistakes we should avoid.

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