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Component 3

‘A promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music video ( Major Task ), together with a website for the band and a digipak for the album’s release ( Minor Tasks).’

Faint – by eXile, Performed by Jacob Hall, Georgi Georgiev, Owen Guile and Janis Bormanis.

Final Faint – Owen Janis, Georgi REAL from Edward Gregson on Vimeo.


Digipak for ‘eXile’s ‘  new album ‘Dioxide‘ created by Owen GuileGeorgi Georgiev, and Janis Bormanis.

-Please click on the images to view the min PDF format

Website to promote ‘eXile‘ and their products. Created by: Owen GuileGeorgi Georgiev and Janis Bormanis.

– Please click on the image to link to the website


Component 1

The front page, contents page and double-page spread of a new music magazine. This is an individual edition of a magazine and if I have been working in a group, it has used the same house style as my group members.  All of the images and text in the magazine are original and produced by me with a minimum of 4 of my own original images

Vendor 99‘ Hip-Hop magazine, created by Janis Bormanis.