So Hello Media Studies!

In Media Studies, over the next two years, I want to learn more transferable skills, better analysis skills, cooperation skills and – generally – skills that are going to help me interact with the audience. I have some transferable skills already – literacy and research for example I have already developed, as for technical skills, I have learned the basic concepts of using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as basic blogging skills. I have also done multiple projects on Google Slides. I further want to develop all of the skill that I already have plus learn new skills – such as using programs like After-Fx and Premiere Pro. I aspire to learn more skills so I can develop the best possible work for media studies.

Furthermore, I’m also learning Film Studies, in this subject, I will develop skills in using programs to produce film and make animations, this will then assist me in media studies, in future projects. Since I did Media Studies at GCSE level, I developed a basic general knowledge of the subject, I hope to further develop these skills in order to produce the best work I can possibly make.

During this course, I will also develop skills like confidence and tenacity, this will also help me in other courses and generally in life. This course will help me develop skills in Media as well as help me develop as a person.

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