My Image That Uses Mise-En-Scene For Meaning

This is my brainstorm collage of the general style that goes for the Indie Folk genre.




Introduction into the genre:

Our genre is Indie Folk. This genre is quite modern and trendy. Some people might say that people who like this genre are often hipsters. A hipster is just a person who follows the newest trends, like a gluten free diet or the newest pair of Yeezzys. The style is not very specific, it’s mostly urban casual but sometimes can be mistaken for a country like look, just a bit more modern. Usually people who dress to this genre are seemed as calm, happy and generally modest people.


Our photo-shoot:


I chose this photo because I found the angle, lighting and pose were all represented the best out of the twenty odd pictures we took. The lighting is directed straight to the face and the guitar – highlighting the instrument is key in the Indie Folk genre, as well as the lighting being high-key. Overall, I thought that this photo best induces the genre of Indie Folk.

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