Video Preliminary Task

This was our first go at creating a sequence.

I used a two shot, a wide shot, a close-up shot, a pan, a zoom-in, shot-reverse shot as well as match on action shots.

The two-shot was used to establish the setting as well as to create a sense of awkwardness. For example, in the beginning, I used a two-shot to establish that the present was bad, that the receiver did not like it. I also used a close up to express emotion of the character, so that the audience knows how they are feeling. I used the shot-reverse shots to connote the flow of the conversation, as well as match-on action shots to create a narrative sense. In one shot, I also used a PoV zoom-in shot of one of the characters getting mad, to convey the emotion that she was feeling, it created narrative sense and added to the drama that I was trying to create.

Some mistakes I encountered were I broke the 180 degree rule, once I was editing the footage I realised how this could confuse the audience as it was quite disorientating, it almost looks like the characters are changing sides throughout the scene, which can really confuse the audience. Another mistake I made was not enough close ups to represent the characters’s emotions. I had too many shot-reverse shots, instead of this, next time I will include more close ups or medium close ups, since editing them on spot is so much worse than actually taking them on set.

For future improvement, I will create footage obeying the 180 degree rule. This was the biggest mistake I made and I will make sure to keep to one side while filming next time.

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