Test Shoots

This is our practise performance shoot for our music video. We used a good variation of shots and edited them in some interesting ways to make the flow more energetic and conventional to the genre. The editing is going to be crucial in this project as the shots alone aren’t going to do anything – the edit has to make greet the expectations that are conveyed with the genre. The shots themselves are of course important as well – the quality of them specially as we found. Our quality of the footage was much better than practically the rest of the class, this was due to setting the white balance and we have to make sure we keep on doing so for rest of the shoots.

During the edit, we messed with some transitions and filters, we took most of them out due to them just looking cringe and not fitting in. We didn’t have any transitions due to the fact that this only needed to be 20 seconds long, so we thought we would try to do the ending.

Overall, I feel like we can take away some positives as well as things we need to improve for our music video. Some positives include the:

  • The quality of the footage
  • The lip syncing is perfect – we should use the method we used here at all times
  • The shot variety – this type of editing is working well for the genre

Some possible improvements…

  • More emotion into the performance
  • More wacky shots – pans or faced paced zooms to reiterate the energy and convey the generic themes like rebellion and grunge
  • More movement into the performance
  • Generally just add more energy to synchronise with the pace of the song
  • Include more impressive shots, some lower angle ones and some more side pans and covers

Overall, I feel positive about the start, as this was our first attempt at creating a music video, and it went well. If we can make the changes I have put down, we could produce a video worth top marks.

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