Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

We were fortunate enough to have a member of the Specsavers creative team to come in and show us a few tricks. While my team was the only one who didn’t get any personal help or get showed any trick we want to use, we had a look at what he was showing other teams and saw some really cool stuff I didn’t actually know were possible.

He went over everything very quickly though, so chances of me remembering everything he stated are quite small, therefore I will use YouTube tutorials to help me in the editing aspect of the music video. Now at least I know that techniques I wanted to use are possible on the application we are using. Some stuff he talked about was the importance of shot variety, such as a mix of long shots, mid shots and close ups, he also emphasized the importance of other interesting shots such as shots of the instruments, hands or feet – all these add to the rhythm and tone of the video.

As I mentioned earlier, unfortunately we didn’t get any feedback from him personally as we were the only team not to get a personal look from Specsavers creative team, but this session was reinforcing that effects we want to create are possible and well in range of achieving, we just need to know where to look and how to start, therefore YouTube tutorials will be the place to look. Below I have some videos that will be of help:

While this video is long – it shows every aspect of Premiere Pro and how to basically start every other process. Its a good starting point.

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