Narrative Development

This is our narrative development document for our narrative shoot. It includes out general ideas and how we are planning to develop them and actually shoot them. It’s still quite flexible as we can change/add some more shots and ideas if we feel they are appropriate. Laying these out on a document helps us understand what we want to convey and how we think we will achieve it.

We also have a character progression in our narrative, the character goes through painful hallucinations and flashbacks and becomes stronger from them until he breaks free from himself, who was the only person holding him back. The themes are heavily mental health based, fighting inside battles with yourself and breaking free.

The structure is going to be quite amplified and implied, as the narrative is straight forward and goes hand in hand with the lyrics of the song. The equilibrium is where we usually begin, and we will probably use a chronological order for our video.  The general vibe is energetic and expressive. The narrative performance will be amplified when put in the final produce. I can easily say I’m quite excited for this narrative shoot as I believe we have combined some great ideas and I also believe that we can actually create them.

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