Production Skills Evaluation 2

A lot of editing has been done, and even more skills have been learnt. In this post I will talk about them and how I learnt them.

First of all from the additional effects list, we have used a lot of different glitches and warps to convey a sense of insanity, rebellion and conflict. We have used plenty of them in our Draft 3, we weren’t too sure on how to install them properly so we looked it up on YouTube and found some really great tutorials. This greatly helped in our production.

Here we used the wave warp effect to distort the shot. The specifics were not calculated, we just played around with this effect until we liked how it looked. We felt that this enhanced the conventions of the genre and we also liked the ‘Insane’ impact it had on the narrative.

We¬†also used some colour correction tools to enhance the video’s visual aspects. Since we had a re-shoot as well, some of the colour was not perfectly aligned, therefore we mixed some colour schemes to match each other – without impacting the quality too much. This made the video look more in sync with itself.

Here you can see that we changed the colour balance on this particular shot. We felt like it could be a more vibrant and dangerous colour so we altered it to fit our agenda. I also think that this colour correction we are going for is conventional to the genre, as you can often see distorted and altered effects/colour schemes in the videos.

I also played with Adobe Aftereffects. We haven’t implemented anything form this software into the video properly yet, but from the options that I found on it I’m sure we will at a later date, when we move fully onto Draft 4. The options on it and all the implementations we can use are very intriguing and I’m confident we can improve our overall product by using this program. Either it be the rain effects or the more deeply advanced colour correction options – it’s full of possibilities.

In this screenshot, I played around with some focusing effects – to try and make the star more in focus and the colour contrast to fix more on him – to make him stand out more. This is conventional to the genre and making the star stand out more is going to make him look more important – improving the star’s image.

Then of course the mandatory skills like lip syncing and rendering have also been advanced during this edit, as it was more important than ever with the additional layers of filters and effects we have used – as everything had to be perfectly timed to create the best possible product. This isn’t our final piece, but we are closer than ever in achieving our intentions with this video, the genre conventions, the underlying themes and the individual aspect which we believe will make our work stand out have all been considered during the production.

We also had an editing specialist come in from Specsavers today – Lenny. He looked at our work and said he absolutely loved what we have created – specifically the warps and the glitches. He said he though it made our video special in a way that it really conveys our genre – which in all honestly isn’t popular which is the reason he said it’s special – we have a much faster paced song with a heavy rhythm that is quite exciting to edit to be honest.

He did show us another way to add the warp effects into clips – a much more controllable way, by this I mean that adding them the way he showed us makes it possible to create new warps, copy them and put them absolutely anywhere – even in different clips. This allows us much more control over the edit – choosing on which exact millisecond we want the warp to come in and fade out.

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