Digipack Conventions Analysis


A digipack is a album cover essentially. It represents the conventions of the genre, the band and themes that the titles of the album are going to cover. This is expressed through conventional themes such as iconography, using idols, the colour scheme and fonts as well as inserting some unconventional themes to stand out within the genre.

During the process of analysing this digipack I learnt a lot about the generic conventions of them and what they are used for. In the presentation above I have analysed the digipack of the band’s Fallout Boy most iconic album. I chose this as the band is known for creating content of the same genre with their own twist on it. I tried to decipher what the intentions of the artwork was, as well as recognising the generic qualities of a digipack. I have learnt more about digipack and how they are created to attract it’s audience in order to gain popularity and sales through the use of traits I mentioned above.

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