Feedback On Mock Up And Targets

These are the results we received from the feedback we set out to get from random people. We put down a variety of different genres of music as well as connotations we thought are represented in these images. After this we set out to get some feedback from our peers.

Our results are very pleasing – the great majority agreed that this digipak represents the Alternative Rock genre with only four people who believe that this mock up represented another genre. This is great as it means we have the right ideas on how to represent our genre of music to an audience.

The adjectives we gave out also came back with a positive sense of feedback. The most popular connotations were: Edgy, angry and rebellious . This is great as these are some of the themes we tried to hit with this work. These are some of the most conventional connotations that the genre has. Other adjectives that our peers felt associated with this digipak were: Rough, mysterious, hallucinogenic and tough. 

Overall, this is very positive feedback as it means our creative ideas fit to the genre well, and we can represent them efficiently. We now only need to succeed in the actual creation of our digipak and gain the same response.

Some goals we need to achieve in our production are:

  • Pursue the colour scheme of red and black
  • Keep the general themes of the genre in mind when creating the digipak, these include anarchic, rough, mysterious, angry, rebellious and edgy.
  • Use graphics so that the band doesn’t take up all of the spotlight – convention of the genre.

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