Contact Sheets

Above are the contact sheets of all the photos from our shoot. The last contact sheet is the one with the photos we feel most suitable for our digipak. We also though ahead a bit and took some photos that we felt would fit our website.

We didn’t have a ‘Set plan’ for this shoot, I felt that this setting would fit us and that we should improvise on the spot, although this was risky, our shoot for the narrative of our music video had the same planning behind it and that worked out great. I believed that my ideas would work here again, and with the amazing cinematography skills of Owen, the photogenic Jacob and the Bulky Georgi, I knew we couldn’t fail.

I am happy to say that I was right. Our photos were filled with energy, enigma, edge, rebellion and grunge. These themes fit perfectly to what we planned we wanted to achieve. Overall I am very pleased with how our shoot ended up, and I can’t wait to start to Photoshop them and create another great media product.

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