Production Skills 3

We used Photoshop and InDesign a lot during the production of the digipak. We felt ambitious with the images we had taken and the image we had in our mind – our creative intention. The project was ambitious from the beginning, as we had limited knowledge of the Adobe programs Photoshop and InDesign. There was a learning curve but using the knowledge we already had – we had a good base of knowledge, but in order to take our digipak to the next level we spent a lot of time experimenting and immersing ourselves into the software programs. Now that the project is done, I can reflect on what I’ve learnt.

This is the Colour Tolerance task bar. We experimented with this tool a lot and it turned out to help improve our quality of work by a great amount. Setting these right helped us with the continuity, collaboration with the filters and to reflect our themes more noticeable.



This is a screenshot of us using the Liquefy tool on Photoshop. Liquefy helped us create unique effects on our images that made them really stand out and just have effects that you can’t achieve otherwise. Liquefy took time to get used to and to really comprehend all the options it offers, but once we started to get the hang of it it was so worth it. This tool made the biggest differences to our images as we could alter them to represent our themes of anarchy, rebellion and mystery. The psychedelic like effect it also made really emphasised an underlying theme of madness, a theme that also conveys with the Alternative genre.







This is the layer menu. It was essential to keep the layers in order and to name them appropriately in order to export the work appropriately and to edit the right pieces of work we’d separate from the base layer.

This is the filter menu on Photoshop. This played a huge role in the production of our digipak. The amount of filters we tried was too many to count, but the ones we ended up choosing tremendously helped the production of our work. This helped us convey our band to the themes linked with the genre and the ideologies that are represented with the band.



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