Shoot Evaluation

This was our first photo shoot for the digipak. We had clear intentions in what themes we wanted to convey, but we didn’t have a clear vision of how we would actually create them.

Organisation played a key role into the production of this photo shoot. All of us knew what to bring, where to be and what tine to be there as well as how much time we should reserve for the shoot. Once the costumes were on, and we tried to light the first smoke pallet – we instantly knew this shoot is going to be great. The weather conditions were perfect for us as well – to create clear lighting and enough shadows to interact with.

After evaluating our setting and the costumes, we now started to pose and act appropriately for the shoot. The themes we wanted to convey were: Rebellious, urban, edgy, angry and mysterious. I feel that we achieved these goals and that these themes are displayed in the images from our shoot. From the MES to the camera angles – everything played a part into conveying these themes.

The images we felt that were the best are below, while we only ended up using 2 of these on the digipak, we will certainly use more while creating the web site.

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