Website Terminology

Due to the format of the website, I have created a slide which contains all of the content on this website. It spreads across only one slide on the homepage – there are no other links besides to social media, ‘merch’ and ‘Buy’ which links to his newest album. It’s all on the homepage that contains everything from the hero shot, the concept art and the songs from his newest album ‘Beerbongs and Bentleys’ . Above is the picture of the artist with a link to his website embedded in the picture.


Before creating our own unique website, we had the task to individually evaluate another professionally made website of another artist. I chose to label this one as it’s very unconventional – the website has a scroll down format with very few hyperlinks and landing pages. Even though it lacks the conventions of a website, I personally really like this website, thus I decided I would analyse it and maybe understand what attracted me most about this very simple and unconventional website.


  • The colour pallet:

The colour scheme of this website is black and yellow, this has been done to promote the newest album as the cover of that album is in black and yellow fonts. This has been done to immerse the audience into the album and the music more than the extras of the website themselves. This acts almost as a brand image – that the main promotion is the album, therefore making the whole experience of visiting the website as almost an advertisement for the album.

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