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For previous student’s work, I have chosen to analyse ‘The XX’ and their website. From the back, just by the colour scheme of the website you can tell that the band is of the alternative genre with its stereotype set up story as well – it fits the repertoire of elements for the alternative genre.

The homepage is set up so that there is a filter on the top to take you to the links you wish to see upfront, or you can scroll down to see them in an order. The hero shot is the cover of their lead title. The generic conventions of a website all fit the agenda – the social media links, the merchandise, tour dates and discography all are a part of this website it represent the band and their brand. The photography is fitting as the colours match the colours and fonts of the typography of the website – this makes it look like the images belong to the genre of this band. For example the thumbnail of the music video has the same themes, fonts and filters that the images on their discography section have, as well as the ambient background colours of the website. This synergy makes the website feel connected to an edgy and psychedelic genre of style.

The colour patterns are continuous throughout the website and all the categories link with one another – there is a clear indicator that this is a website about a certain band. The genre is displayed well with the text on the about section, where the band’s startup is explained. The cinematography is also fitting of the genre, which makes the whole experience of visiting the website more fluent and conventional to the fans of the band and genre.

Furthermore, theĀ general consensus I am getting from this website is that theĀ images play a major role to the identity of this band. They have put effort into taking shots of themselves in what looks like behind the scenes, during performances and just out and about. This all is quite conventional as far as web pages go, but they have made it clear that this is one of the main themes of the band, which I am guessing is conventional to their genre as well.

Only criticisms I would have is that overall, although I understand that sometimes less is more, and in the genre of Alternative, which is a mix of most ‘heavy genres’ is hard to impersonate, but overall the website feels a bit empty and abandoned. Maybe including some sort of future tour dates, not displaying that there isn’t one on, or maybe some commercials potentially would improve it, but overall, I feel that this website displays the band, brand and genre well.

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