Flow Chart And Preferred Template

This is our websites flow chart. This is the template we plan to create the website to. If all goes to plan, our website will end up looking to this plan.

It includes:

  • Homepage / Splash Page
  • Merchandise page
  • Tour Dates
  • Biography of the band
  • Gallery of some images of the band
  • Contact page

Our template for the website was specifically generated by Wix after we filled in some questions and added some links. We didn’t have a screen where we can specifically chose which template we want to use – we were generated one. This, while weird as no one else had the same experience while using the same website, really did kick start our creation of the website. It really personalized and gave a different sense of life to the website. After this, we can obviously modify and alter the template after its creation, which is what we did and ensured that our themes, genre and brand is displayed.

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