Evaluation of web design application

We used the software creation website Wix to create our band website. While using this, I gained a lot of skills in how to use this website and really get the most of it. It was an interesting process, as we didn’t have any lessons or tutorials really to help us understand Wix, this however was not a problem at all as the website is really straight forward and easy to manipulate. It displays everything out for you and guides you along the way of the creation of your website.

I mentioned this in one of my previous posts, but allowing Wix to create a specific, generated template based on your unique answers and links you might have inserted from other websites which you thought looked good – is an amazing tool that should most definitely be used. This allows for more personality to be inserted into the website, as it will look different to any templates you might have chosen, and it will look more on part with what you want to create. Of course after the template is created – you can alter everything and set out to your liking, with even more options to assimilation.

This is the set out of all of the pages you create on Wix. It displays a task bar which asks you how broad you want the images, we set out to the largest option available. This then leads to a sketch which displays three bars – all that you can edit and insert images/links in and personalise to your liking.

The display options also allow us to represent the star image of our band clearly. Barthes’ theory on semiotics and structuralism is conveyed in these products, as the songs and the album names are left up to interpretation by the audience rather than having one meaning. This type of style is something that the postmodern world expects from artists – where people are left to interpret something that can have many meanings. For example, our website follows a constructed traditional narrative – it includes what our audience would expect it to include, but it also includes semiotics such as our gallery which can be left for the audience to interpret in terms of the brands identity – there is a clear sense of structuralism between them as we have created a brand and an identity but the fluidity which we have included leaves it for the audience to interpret the overarching star image to themselves.


This snip is of the most important tools on Wix. These all were the tools you can use to change/create text, images, fonts, new pages, sub pages and even merchandise. This complex yet simple paradox really allowed us to immerse ourselves in the creation of the website and allowed us to quite literally alter every single inch of the website, due to our template being flexible and not set.

Overall, I really enjoyed using Wix – it was comfortable and really straight forward to use. The amount of creativity and options it allowed I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to create a website.


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