Web Page Draft 1


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We received some feedback from our peers on the work we’ve done on our website. The main points we received back were:

  • Some points to consider:
  • Have you stuck to 2 fonts as some of the copy is in upper case and is hard to
    read…remember serif is easier to read in larger doses.
  • Where is the video – I think it needs to feature prominently at the top of the site near the DP?
  • Have you included  your Mission Statement in the Biography?
  • Can the albums actually link to some music?
  • Menu order – most important at the start of the menu i.e. bio and then new album and then news?
  • Any chance of a drop down menu somewhere to spice it up?
  • Re DP…perhaps 2 more tracks on the back pane..you had too many and now too few.

We will work to improve these points as after reviewing them we agree that these would help us to improve our work.


Draft 2

We addressed the critical feedback we received. We addressed the issues with the digipak – added two extra songs and updated that on the website as well. We also have the mission statement as well as the biography are prominently featured in the website. Our albums now link to music from Linkin Park’s YouTube channel.

The music video is also finally featured on our website after issues with copyright claims. We didn’t however put in a drop down menu, as we felt it’s not needed due to how we already displayed our categories out – it looked/felt really unneeded, so we didn’t put one in.

Overall, the changes made were definitely worthwhile as our product is of even higher quality now. I haven’t embedded another link as the first one has updated automatically. This is quite disappointing to be honest as now it’s impossible to see the website before we made these improvements.

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