Music Video Draft 4

This is our Draft 4. We have discussed all the feedback we received and altered what we thought was appropriate and made changes we thought would make our video even better. We added in some transitions, re-shot some performance scenes, and sped up the pace of the edit. This has had an overall positive effect on our video and we are more than happy with what we have achieved.

As a part of this project, we have to get live feedback from peers as well, so below I have filmed a classmate – Bilal – giving us feedback and commenting on our video.

Targets for Improvement:

  • Make the ending more remember able, maybe add some big glitch to make it really stand out
  • Make more distinctive glitches at the end to fit the pace consistently
  • Maybe more enthusiasm from the rapper…

Music Video Draft 3

This is our Draft 3 of our music video. We have implemented many new effects and even recorded new footage for performance as well as narrative. We have implemented a lot of effects into our video, for narrative scenes we have warps and twitches to convey our themes of insanity. We have also re-shot the rap as well as added some extra narrative shots.

We have received some peer feedback from students from another Media class.

This student gave us some constructive feedback that we could use to improve our video,

  • The performance shots could be cut a bit shorter
  • More close ups of the drummer
  • Maybe add more shots of the narrative character being tied up? (straight Jacket)

We were planning on doing a re-shoot that includes more shots of the straight jacket, so we are on that, the drummer we can definitely include more of and we can also cut the performance a bit shorter.


This student gave us some more feedback that we can use, she also mentioned that some of our performance shots are held a bit too long, which has been mentioned before therefore we will make sure we adjust this.

She also makes a good point about the glitch effect we have in place, which we have used in almost all narrative shots. We will discuss and play around with this but personally I do like it a lot and I feel it conveys that underlying theme of insanity, but maybe we can find a way to improve this. Perhaps on Thursday when the Spacsavers editor is coming in again.

This comment gives us a lot of feedback saying what they like – the lack of criticisms is really encouraging to us as we have spent so much time and effort on this project. The criticisms Holly has given us is quite valid and we have altered in already in Draft 4. This is encouraging from the point that we already addressed and altered.

Overall, we have received some great feedback from our peers, all the feedback received we had discussed between us beforehand. I feel that all of the feedback is relevant and that changing them will definitely improve our work. The positives we have received have massively outlay the negatives – this is extremely encouraging as we are hoping for a very high grade on this project.


New PMA/Storyboards

This is our production meeting agenda for our extra shots for performance and narrative. It portrays everyone’s responsibilities for this shoot, and who will do what. We are all on track and know what we are doing with this shoot.

This is our shot list for the shoot we commenced for the new rap performance and some additional shots of the masked characters as well as the main narrative character. We didn’t go into too much detail for this shot list due to the fact we planned this shoot very quickly, well didn’t really plan at all. We didn’t feel like we needed more shots either so we took our time with the ones we did take.

Audience Ideologies

This is a Tinder profile for a member of my target audience. The qualities and traits I have written depict the conventions of a average member of my target audience. The genre is Alternative Rock, and the band is Linkin Park, I used YouGov to help me analyse the typical member of this specific audience. Me and my group also spent some time thinking of what we imagine the conventional audience member is, what personality traits do they have ect.

This task helped me learn my audience more, knowing the typical audience member will help visualize what this project needs to include, and knowing the interests of our target audience will help us in meeting the expectations of them, as well as to make strides in making this content as attractive to them as possible. This decoding of the typical audience member will help us encode the product as a whole to suite the audience.

Feedback From Teacher

In this screencastify, Mrs Cobb is giving me and my group some feedback on our Draft 2 of the music video. The general consensus from what I’ve gathered at least is that our current product is quite good – but can be a lot better with some extra added changes.

Some things that she liked:

  • The pace of the edit in some parts
  • The narrative shots we had
  • Jacobs fuelling performance
  • The MES we used

And some things that we can improve:

  • More CUs and shots of our narrative protagonist struggling more with the straight jacket
  • More emotion maybe – to feel the genre more e.g. more cuts and pans
  • More of the ‘Masked Men’ from the narrative

Just overall more emotion, she also wasn’t the biggest fan of how we did our Rap, as we had to have 2 guitarists, we thought that both singers could be the guitar players as well, for the rapping part she was not the biggest d=fan of it as the rapper is mostly moving around close ups which can look a bit low-budget and she just did not feel the energetic rebellious vibe we were going for.

This is something we have plenty of time to work on, if we feel like we need to re-shoot some bits we have the opportunity to do that as our group as a whole has been on top of all the work we needed to do – therefore taking more shots is not a problem at all.

Music Video Draft 2 With Narrative

This is our second draft of the music video. We have implemented bits of our narrative shoot within the performance. We had a few plays as well with the ending and the beginning, as we have multiple options which can both make sense. We have rendered, lip synced and made the video in the chronological order that we find looks the best for now, but of course after receiving feed back we will have improvements that we can make.

Since this is also only our second draft, we will have time in the next one to implement some advanced editing skills such as video distortion and splitting shots into two, but for what was our current creative intention – we have achieved it to our best attempts.

Personally, I feel like I have a great amount of work during the making of this draft, I edited around 1:28 of the song, which is 2:47 long, and my team was really pleased with what my part of the edit. The rest of the video is great as well, and it includes the ideas of all of us and we all know what we have to do in orderĀ  to improve the video. Owen is really the master mind of editing, he went over mine and just made some minor improvements that made the overall video even better.

For future improvement, I feel like maybe we need to organise who does what a bit better, so that the workload is split evenly, it hasn’t been an issue since all of us are very hard working and passionate about this project, but it’s only fair if everyone does equal amounts, if not for the group, then themselves as the less effort and time you put in the lesser grade you will get.

Besides this, I feel like our team is doing a great job.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

The narrative shoot definitely created more anxiety than the performance shoot, as I was the only one who knew of the location we ended up filming in, and last time I went there was about four years ago. From my memories I remembered that it would be a great location for our shoot, but I wasn’t 100% sure that I remembered everything correctly. Knowing this, we still decided to go there and my team took my word for it.

When we ended up getting there, it was exactly as I remembered, maybe even better which was great. From there we started to take the shots we created on our shot lists and anything else we came up with on the spot. We ended with around 50 shots, as we took two of each minimum, we ended with about 108 shots.

The MES was perfect – the bunker was in quite a awful state – it did in fact feel like it was about to collapse, and the graffiti on the walls created a great sense of atmospheric immersion within the genre and the overarching themes of the song. It fit in very well in my opinion.

We were aware of any dangers before entering the bunker, although all of the aspects came from my memory, as no one else in my group even knew that this place existed, but we stick to them and ended with no injuries.

Owen was the main character in our narrative shoot, so it was up to me and Georgi to film it all, but we also played roles in the narrative shoot, during our scenes, I would either leave the camera on a stock shot and leave it filming as we walk in to the shot and do what we need to, or we would film each other.

Since Georgi had to leave for the doctor as well as having a more predominant role in our narrative, I filmed most of it, but we shared the ideas and made sure all of us like the shots. At the end, me and Owen went through all of our shots to make sure there isn’t anything we’ve missed or just something we could add, thus we decided to film two separate endings and see which one fits better in the video once we start creating it.

Risk Assesment

This is the risk assessment for our narrative shoot. We have done plenty of previous risk assessments so we all know how this goes. We put down all the possible risks we could think of going into the setting, so we discussed them and understood the possibilities of consequences if we are not careful.

Thus this carefully planned document serves as a reminder that we understand the risks and we will be aware of them on set.


Production Meeting Agenda For Narrative Shoot

This is our PMA. We have done many of these before now so this is nothing new. Everyone complied and agreed on the terms set here and we all know what our roles are for that shoot.

Our aims are set clear and we all agree on them, team effort in every single aspect of this component is crucial to the success of the project.

We have complied a list of all the costumes we will need to get fir the shoot and have agreed who will make sure what is delivered/ready for the shoot. Since our teachers will be giving us lifts on the day of filming to our set locations, it makes the camera transport easier, as we all know how to get to the place ourselves, and we understand that we will need to get there early for best use of the natural lighting, as the setting is a bunker.

Narrative Storyboard

This is our storyboard for the narrative shoot we conducted yesterday. Georgi and Owen were producing this as I put together the performance edit. This hows what we tried to create and out initial ideas. It’s quite brief to be honest, but we took over 60 shots during our narrative shoot, as we came up with ideas on the spot.

We had the general creative intention down for our shoot, we just weren’t sure on the setting itself in terms of how it looks like and what can we do with it, neither of my partners even knew this place existed until we got there, I came across it a few years ago and I conventionally remembered about it when we were discussing where we will shoot. So this was all on me, and luckily the trust paid off as the site was better than I remembered!