How do your products use or challenge conventions and how do they represent social groups or issues?

In this Prezi presentation, I have described the conventions, representation and definitions of our Music video, Digipak and our website. I also assessed how our products challenge conventions and how do they represent social groups via cultural codes and other forms of subliminal communication.

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How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?

This is our directors commentary on how our products create a sense of branding, we discuss how the digipak, music video and website all connect to convey a similar purpose and all represent the same brand. We especially emphasized on how the visual style links to our brand and star image and how we have achieved this.


How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?

We were set a task by Lord Allan Sugar to create a vlog in which we discuss how our product engages with our target audience and how we would distribute our products. We address all of this as the creative managers of ‘eXile’ in this vlog.



In this CCR, I describe how I integrated technologies into our products. This covers software, hardware and online programs. I go over the examples of the programs used and how they impacted the overall produce.


Evaluation of web design application

We used the software creation website Wix to create our band website. While using this, I gained a lot of skills in how to use this website and really get the most of it. It was an interesting process, as we didn’t have any lessons or tutorials really to help us understand Wix, this however was not a problem at all as the website is really straight forward and easy to manipulate. It displays everything out for you and guides you along the way of the creation of your website.

I mentioned this in one of my previous posts, but allowing Wix to create a specific, generated template based on your unique answers and links you might have inserted from other websites which you thought looked good – is an amazing tool that should most definitely be used. This allows for more personality to be inserted into the website, as it will look different to any templates you might have chosen, and it will look more on part with what you want to create. Of course after the template is created – you can alter everything and set out to your liking, with even more options to assimilation.

This is the set out of all of the pages you create on Wix. It displays a task bar which asks you how broad you want the images, we set out to the largest option available. This then leads to a sketch which displays three bars – all that you can edit and insert images/links in and personalise to your liking.

The display options also allow us to represent the star image of our band clearly. Barthes’ theory on semiotics and structuralism is conveyed in these products, as the songs and the album names are left up to interpretation by the audience rather than having one meaning. This type of style is something that the postmodern world expects from artists – where people are left to interpret something that can have many meanings. For example, our website follows a constructed traditional narrative – it includes what our audience would expect it to include, but it also includes semiotics such as our gallery which can be left for the audience to interpret in terms of the brands identity – there is a clear sense of structuralism between them as we have created a brand and an identity but the fluidity which we have included leaves it for the audience to interpret the overarching star image to themselves.


This snip is of the most important tools on Wix. These all were the tools you can use to change/create text, images, fonts, new pages, sub pages and even merchandise. This complex yet simple paradox really allowed us to immerse ourselves in the creation of the website and allowed us to quite literally alter every single inch of the website, due to our template being flexible and not set.

Overall, I really enjoyed using Wix – it was comfortable and really straight forward to use. The amount of creativity and options it allowed I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to create a website.


Production Skills 3

We used Photoshop and InDesign a lot during the production of the digipak. We felt ambitious with the images we had taken and the image we had in our mind – our creative intention. The project was ambitious from the beginning, as we had limited knowledge of the Adobe programs Photoshop and InDesign. There was a learning curve but using the knowledge we already had – we had a good base of knowledge, but in order to take our digipak to the next level we spent a lot of time experimenting and immersing ourselves into the software programs. Now that the project is done, I can reflect on what I’ve learnt.

This is the Colour Tolerance task bar. We experimented with this tool a lot and it turned out to help improve our quality of work by a great amount. Setting these right helped us with the continuity, collaboration with the filters and to reflect our themes more noticeable.



This is a screenshot of us using the Liquefy tool on Photoshop. Liquefy helped us create unique effects on our images that made them really stand out and just have effects that you can’t achieve otherwise. Liquefy took time to get used to and to really comprehend all the options it offers, but once we started to get the hang of it it was so worth it. This tool made the biggest differences to our images as we could alter them to represent our themes of anarchy, rebellion and mystery. The psychedelic like effect it also made really emphasised an underlying theme of madness, a theme that also conveys with the Alternative genre.







This is the layer menu. It was essential to keep the layers in order and to name them appropriately in order to export the work appropriately and to edit the right pieces of work we’d separate from the base layer.

This is the filter menu on Photoshop. This played a huge role in the production of our digipak. The amount of filters we tried was too many to count, but the ones we ended up choosing tremendously helped the production of our work. This helped us convey our band to the themes linked with the genre and the ideologies that are represented with the band.



Feedback On Mock Up And Targets

These are the results we received from the feedback we set out to get from random people. We put down a variety of different genres of music as well as connotations we thought are represented in these images. After this we set out to get some feedback from our peers.

Our results are very pleasing – the great majority agreed that this digipak represents the Alternative Rock genre with only four people who believe that this mock up represented another genre. This is great as it means we have the right ideas on how to represent our genre of music to an audience.

The adjectives we gave out also came back with a positive sense of feedback. The most popular connotations were: Edgy, angry and rebellious . This is great as these are some of the themes we tried to hit with this work. These are some of the most conventional connotations that the genre has. Other adjectives that our peers felt associated with this digipak were: Rough, mysterious, hallucinogenic and tough. 

Overall, this is very positive feedback as it means our creative ideas fit to the genre well, and we can represent them efficiently. We now only need to succeed in the actual creation of our digipak and gain the same response.

Some goals we need to achieve in our production are:

  • Pursue the colour scheme of red and black
  • Keep the general themes of the genre in mind when creating the digipak, these include anarchic, rough, mysterious, angry, rebellious and edgy.
  • Use graphics so that the band doesn’t take up all of the spotlight – convention of the genre.

Our Mission Statement

Before creating a mission statement, we had to learn who our target audience is, what they are interested in – their demographic. After using YouGov, we got some information about our audience that helped us learn our audience in more detail so that we can market our product for the right target audience.

Our Audience:

Our target audience are Females between ages of 25-39 from the demographic classes of ABCa. Politically they lean towards the left wing. They are interested in comedy and other Alt Rock bands such as Green Day. This suggests that a strategy conventional to the genre is possibly the best way to market the band.


A Call To Action:

The goal is for the audience to relate to the band and their music – to create a more personal relationship between the band and the audience. The music is about phases of struggle and hardship. This is a theme that most people face at least once in their lives so we have a broad audience to entertain in that perspective. The genre of music is also a conventional genre for these types of themes.

I feel like our audience would invest time and money into this band because it has a lot of conventional traits that bands of this genre have – making it another expected pleasure from the audience’s perspective. Giving this plus the individual personality of the band itself – this is something that could generate success and popularity to the band.


Who Are The Competition:

Similar bands to ours include: Three Days Grace, Nirvana and Green Day. Some similar traits in the albums for these bands include dark, sharp and edgy colour schemes that are usually various fonts of black and red. The stars are similar as well – visually they look similar with costumes being a staple in the definition of the genre. Even the websites of these bands are similar, its simple, black Arial-like font – there is no real care put into these due to third party platforms such as Instagram being a lot more popular and profitable.



Linkin Park is an established brand – they have been around since 2001 and are one of the most successful bands of all time – in general not only their genre. They have an established cult following with a fan base that has their back no matter what. For this project – we are embracing this template of the band. We are learning the genre and it’s conventions and then using them to further illustrate our representation of Linkin park.

Our general meta narrative focuses on the ordinary, but expresses it in an extraordinary way. By this I mean that the the themes of the song and the album are something that most people face – anxiety, social struggles and depression, but how we display it is through energetic colour schemes in the performance and in the setting as well as the pace of the song – with the edits and the cuts.


Our Mission Statement:

Thorugh the research of the genre, the band and mission statements in general, we have come up with this mission statement that in our opinion fits with the generic conventions of the genre and the concept of mission statements.

‘Exile is the sole embodiment of modern Alt Rock – the combination of modern rap influenced by the likes of Jay-Z mixed with hardcore rock creates the perfect mix for a cult following. Exile aims to break down the stigmas of rock and rap with a combustion of the two – front running the genre into mainstream popularity. Combining the street slang of underground rap, hardcore riffs of the world of Rock n’ Roll filled with the energy of a Punk rock meltdown – Exile embodies the redemption of the modern alt rock genre.’


Production Skills Evaluation 2

A lot of editing has been done, and even more skills have been learnt. In this post I will talk about them and how I learnt them.

First of all from the additional effects list, we have used a lot of different glitches and warps to convey a sense of insanity, rebellion and conflict. We have used plenty of them in our Draft 3, we weren’t too sure on how to install them properly so we looked it up on YouTube and found some really great tutorials. This greatly helped in our production.

Here we used the wave warp effect to distort the shot. The specifics were not calculated, we just played around with this effect until we liked how it looked. We felt that this enhanced the conventions of the genre and we also liked the ‘Insane’ impact it had on the narrative.

We also used some colour correction tools to enhance the video’s visual aspects. Since we had a re-shoot as well, some of the colour was not perfectly aligned, therefore we mixed some colour schemes to match each other – without impacting the quality too much. This made the video look more in sync with itself.

Here you can see that we changed the colour balance on this particular shot. We felt like it could be a more vibrant and dangerous colour so we altered it to fit our agenda. I also think that this colour correction we are going for is conventional to the genre, as you can often see distorted and altered effects/colour schemes in the videos.

I also played with Adobe Aftereffects. We haven’t implemented anything form this software into the video properly yet, but from the options that I found on it I’m sure we will at a later date, when we move fully onto Draft 4. The options on it and all the implementations we can use are very intriguing and I’m confident we can improve our overall product by using this program. Either it be the rain effects or the more deeply advanced colour correction options – it’s full of possibilities.

In this screenshot, I played around with some focusing effects – to try and make the star more in focus and the colour contrast to fix more on him – to make him stand out more. This is conventional to the genre and making the star stand out more is going to make him look more important – improving the star’s image.

Then of course the mandatory skills like lip syncing and rendering have also been advanced during this edit, as it was more important than ever with the additional layers of filters and effects we have used – as everything had to be perfectly timed to create the best possible product. This isn’t our final piece, but we are closer than ever in achieving our intentions with this video, the genre conventions, the underlying themes and the individual aspect which we believe will make our work stand out have all been considered during the production.

We also had an editing specialist come in from Specsavers today – Lenny. He looked at our work and said he absolutely loved what we have created – specifically the warps and the glitches. He said he though it made our video special in a way that it really conveys our genre – which in all honestly isn’t popular which is the reason he said it’s special – we have a much faster paced song with a heavy rhythm that is quite exciting to edit to be honest.

He did show us another way to add the warp effects into clips – a much more controllable way, by this I mean that adding them the way he showed us makes it possible to create new warps, copy them and put them absolutely anywhere – even in different clips. This allows us much more control over the edit – choosing on which exact millisecond we want the warp to come in and fade out.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

During the editing I’ve done so far, I’ve made progress in the proficiency of overall editing, I have gotten better in rendering the clips, syncing them to ensure that the lips are synced with the lyrics of the song. We haven’t used any transitions or any extracurricular editing skills yet, as we are now only integrating the narrative shoot into the performance, we will come to the transition like and extra layered editing afterwards in draft 3.

The edit so far in my opinion has went really well on my part, I haven’t struggled with anything as far as editing goes and how we filmed it made it super easy to create the edits. For future improvement it’s just the additional editing techniques that we need to include, I feel quite comfortable with everything else.

Some new techniques I have learnt though during the creation of the music video are:

  • Editing to the beat
  • Focusing the footage
  • Increasing the quality of the footage
  • Creating almost montage like sequences with chronological sense
  • General organisation of files, to keep the music video from corrupting


Some screenshots of the edit:

In this shot, some layers can be seen, we have the audio layer, the video and the adjustment layer which has been used to adjust the quality of the video – increased lighting or other traits that make the footage look nicer, crisper and better lit.