Language analysis

‘Billboard Magazine – June 20, 2015, Adam Lambert: Don’t look back by Shirley Halperin

Structure of the article

This article from 2015 is an interview where the presence of the journalist is very small and has a direct mode of address. This makes the article intimate as it is almost as if the artist is talking directly to the reader. The article mainly focuses on Lambert and what he has to say, but has a few quotes about him from other people.

Language Analysis

At the beginning, the writer describes Lambert as “6-foot-1 singer towers over a cadre of assistants in a pair of throwback club-kid platform boots that lift him a good half-foot off the ground” the word “towers” gives the connotation that he is important and powerful compared to everyone else. This makes him seem extraordinary and adds to his [star thing we did].

After reading this article the reader will have gained information on Lambert’s past career and what has led up to the interview. It also gives insight into his new music, personal life and his thoughts and feelings on certain topics.


The quote “It’s hard for me to be happy” in the byline pulls the reader in as it is a very personal quote and sets the tone for the rest of the article. It also makes him seem emotional and relatable to the audience.

The quote “Life’s about exploring new things,” in the last paragraph encapsulates the idea that Lambert is constantly looking for new experiences and trying to move forward. This brings the article, a look into his journey as an artist, full circle and ends it on a similar, somber note to the beginning


The journalist represents Lambert as someone who is constantly moving forward and trying new things. He is represented as an extraordinary star and thus someone the reader should look into.

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