Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

A member of the Specsavers Creative Team came into our class and gave us advice based on our music video pitches. This is the advice he gave us

  • Specific scenes within the narrative

This was the main piece of advice, as although we had the main theme of our narrative we couldn’t pinpoint any specific scenes for the characters. By planning different scenes we could increase efficiency on the shoot and it would give our music videos narrative more substance.

  • How to control lighting

As our music video will play into the theme of light vs dark we asked about how we could best represent that, especially as we may not be able to have a night time shoot. His advice was that if we were to edit the lighting to make it darker it is best to start from an already dark location ie a dark alleyway rather than somewhere directly in the sunlight.

  • Colour Correction and premiere pro effects

Although we have created a short 20 second performance clip we are still new to premiere pro and so we asked him to show us various effects we could do with the software. He showed us how to use the various colour correction tools as well as other effects such as adding a vignette. This will help us edit our video and make it look more professional.


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