Star Image Planning

Here is our star image mood board of Lynn Gunn of Pvris. Her meta narrative is someone that is punk, edgy and rebellious but also someone who is down to earth and emotional. Her styling is often dark or monochrome. with colours other than black or white rarely seen in photos or other media. She is portrayed as someone both extraordinary and ordinary and through this paradox of the star she gains her star image. Her extraordinary side is her punk and rebellious character, whereas interviews and her social media accounts talk more about mental health and her struggles with it which shows a more ordinary image.
This task helped me to understand how our star would be portrayed so that we can try and replicate that in our music video. It also gave us more insight into the sort of story and mise-en-scene we could incorporate into it. It is important that we understand what we are trying to convey before the shoot so that we can use the shoots to the best of our ability.

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