Website – Previous Students Work

Here is a previous students website.

The website is very accessible. The fonts are all large enough to read and the white colour makes it stand out against the darker background. The writing is kept to a minimum so that the audience does not get bored and there are multiple videos and photos to keep their attention.

The website allows for easy navigation. The menu at the top is always there regardless of what page you want and items are never more than 3 clicks away. The bar on the side allows for easy access to the artists social media. The layout on each page is simple, such as the music page which only features the front cover of her album and 3 different streaming links.

The website features a bio which tells us about her basic details including name, age and where she is from. It also talks about what music she makes and the type of artist she is. This allows the audience to connect with her.

The blacks, whites, reds and greys of the website matches the colours used on the digipak and music video which gives consistency to the artists brand. The hero shot on the website is taken from the music video.

The website fulfills the audiences information and education need by telling the audience about the artist and giving information about upcoming tours and releases. It also gives them entertainment in the form of the music video and the gallery. The social media buttons allow for them to have social interaction with the star while the bio allows the audience to relate to the artist and gives them a sense of personal identity.

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