Music Video Draft 3

Here is the third draft of our music video. Since draft 2 we have done another narrative photo shoot and inserted the footage into the video. We have also started to edit the story line so that it made more narrative sense.

We asked some of our peers to review our video and here are their comments:

From these comments and our own ideas we have come up with a list of things that need to be improved

  • Do some more pick up shots of the match to make the symbolism more clear
  • Add more fast paced cuts to match with the tempo of the song
  • Get rid of some shots that do not work and replace them with something that fits the narrative better
  • Make sure our narrative is more concrete

Music Video Draft 2

Here is our Draft 2 for our music video. There are still shots missing as we have only done one of our two narrative shoots. We added the narrative shots we had and edited them with the performance to show the two sides of our star.

What went well:

  • The editing is matched to the beat of the song well and is effective
  • The shots we used are steady
  • The lip syncing matches with the song

Targets for the next draft:

  • Have our next shoot so we can add the shots in
  • Edit sections that don’t quite work
  • Add more lip syncing
  • Due to our missing shoot the narrative story line is not clearly shown so our focus will be to show a clear and cohesive narrative


Feedback from teacher

  • Loves the close up of the eye at 0:08
  • Likes the fast jump cuts at 0:41
  • Loves when she spins at 0:49 as it illustrates the lyrics of the song
  • Likes the contrast between the madness of the inside performance shots and the more calm outside performance shots
  • Loves the close up of the eyes at 1:10 and wants more
  • Loves the close up shot of the lips at 1:51
  • Likes the ending shot
Things to improve:
  • Before cutting to her lips at 0:12 cut to her face beforehand to connect the voice to our character
  • Some shots she looks towards the cameraman which need to be cut
  • Make sure the shots at the beach convey what we want to as they look like a “home movie” at the moment
  • Need to make sure the lip syncing shots are properly synced
  • Crop the shot at 1:38 as she fixes her hair at the beginning of it
  • Needs more pace of edit from 1:45
  • Have a bigger variety of shots including movement shots and wants her to break the 4th wall less

Audience Ideology

Here is my fake dating profile of a typical fan of our artist. To create and idea of what our average fan would look like I used information of YouGov from a similar artist as there was not one for our actual artist.

The aim of this activity was to get us to think about how our media would be received by the audience and our audiences uses and gratifications for watching it. Blumler and Katz said that audiences consume media for 4 reasons, Information, Personal Identity, Social Interaction and Entertainment and through this task we had to think about these ideas and what kind of people would want to consume our media and how they would consume it. The YouGov poll helped to do this as it outlined our target audiences political leaning and where they are from which can influence a persons opinions and ideals greatly.

We also had to think about how the audience would receive our media. We looked into Stuart Hall’s Reception Theory and how our audience would decode our text using their own ideologies and how it fits into our own ideologies as producers. By knowing our audience and their ideologies we can gain an idea on whether they view our video in a preferred, negotiated or oppositional way. We would want our audience to accept the values and ideals which will be encoded into the video so knowing our audience will allow us to do this.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

For our narrative shoot we went to Pembroke Bay and shot for 4 hours. We decided to shoot here because the setting was perfect for the “light” side of our main character with its open space and bright colours. Here is my evaluation for our shoot:

What went well:

  • We filmed a range of different shots from close ups to long shots as well as some pans using the tracking device.
  • Our setting was great and it suited the feelings we were trying to convey.

What we could’ve done better:

  • We forgot to shoot a few shots that we needed.
  • We should’ve taken some more props to experiment with to give us a greater range of shots.

It would have been better if:

  • We had a detailed plan of the day so that we could be more organised.
  • We had taken a list of shots that we needed so that we wouldn’t forget anything
  • Gone to the area of the shoot a few days earlier so that we had an idea of where would be best to shoot due to lighting etc.

Due to our story and lack of time we will need to have another narrative shoot as the different sides of our character require different settings to convey our story. When we do our next shoot and any pick up shots hopefully we will be able to take whatever we have learnt from this shoot and apply it so we get everything we need and enough shots to cover the length of the song.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Since doing our draft 2 we have learnt a lot about editing videos through Premiere Pro.

Some of these skills include learning how to use the razor tool which allows us to cut and edit specific parts of clips without affecting the rest of the section. Another tool we have used is the speed/duration tool which allows you to edit speeds and also reverse the speed. We used this tool to create engaging effects which help add to the narrative sense such as having our character walk backwards to represent going back to the past. We also used the dip to white effect at the end to create the illusion that our character had died which also added to the narrative sense.

Narrative Development

Here is our narrative development sheet which we used to plan out the story of our music video. We decided on the main themes of the video, the conflict and what the character would do within it to convey these ideas. This will help us to plan our narrative in more detail and help us when planning our future shoots.