Feedback and Reflection on Draft 2

Review from a professional from industry:

Things that were good –

  • The fonts – consistent with the front page and my genre.
  • The colour scheme
  • The layout

Things that I need to improve –

  • Amount of text – there is too much on the page and it makes it hard to read. The contents page should make you curious about the article but not tell you everything about it.
  • “Contents” – It should be obvious that it is a contents page so you shouldn’t need the word contents on the top.
  • Photo – It is too blurry.

Review from my peers:

  • Page numbers – on the smaller headings
  • Text – make the gaps between the letters wider as it makes it harder to read.

To improve my contents page I will –

  • Shorten the amount of text
  • Change the header of the page to something else
  • Change or edit the photo

Feedback and Reflection for Draft 1

Review from my peers:

Things that were good –

  • The masthead – It looks good and fits with my genre
  • The colour scheme
  • The fonts – They are eye-catching and fit with the genre

Things That I need to Improve –

  • The Photo – It is blurry and the model needs slight airbrushing. Also need to get rid of some small sections of white on the edges.
  • The Text – The text at the bottom needs to be more centralized and make the main cover line more prominent.
  • Content – Add more cover lines and a pug

To improve my front cover I am going to

  • Re-edit the photo so that it is less blurry and airbrush the model slightly so she is more conventional.
  • Edit the cover lines so that they are more prominent and easier to read
  • Make it so the model blends into the background.


Early Mock Ups

I created these lick and stick mock ups for my magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread.



For my main cover I want a close up of the model with minimal text on the front to make the masthead and main cover line more prominent and for my contents page I would like there to be only one picture on the right. I chose not to include pugs and plugs as these are not common in my genre. The double page spread will have the model and a quote on one side and the main body of the article on the other. The overall house style for my magazine is going to be minimal with a main colour scheme of black, white and purple. I chose a minimal style as it is common in my genre and can be used to make eye-catching front covers.