Contact Sheet

Here are the best shots from our photoshoot.

  • We chose images 0309, 0311, 0312 and 0320 because of the strong contrast in the lighting. We felt like the lighting gave these images gave an edgy and alternative vibe, and were good enough quality to be edited easily.
  • Images 0336, 0339 and 0403 were chosen because of the ghost effect that was created by the blur. This effect fitted well into our desired theme of monsters or the otherworldly.
  • The orange lighting of images 0358 to 0367 is why we chose these images. The lighting gives a mysterious aura to the photos, with the dim lighting also creating a grainy quality which we felt matched with the edginess of our theme.

Here are the rest of the photographs which we deemed to be not as good. This was because they were out of focus, had bad lighting or the model was making the wrong expression for our cover.


Digipack Draft 1

Here is the first draft of our digipak

Feedback from teacher

  • Image on front page is too grainy but likes the gradient of the shadows
  • Likes the cross – thinks it gives a powerful image
  • Likes the symbolism of the cross and the broken mirror
  • Quality of photos need improving – maybe through another shoot
  • Not sure what the last photo is supposed to be of – needs changing
  • Positioning of the group name needs to be changed
  • Track list could do with bullet points or numbers for the tracks

Targets for Improvement

  • Have another photo shoot and get new photos for the inner right and back sides
  • Edit the track listing to make it stand out more
  • Choose another photo for the front cover and edit it accordingly

Digipak – Moodboard

Here is the mood board for our artist, forevermore.

For our mood board we wanted to create a red and black colour scheme with some gold accents. These colours include cultural codes of anger, love, darkness and grandeur which is what we want to convey about our artist. Our mood board has lots of Gothic images including church windows and crosses, which matches with our stars’ edgy and dark persona. The font of our band name is also in a gothic text to tie together this theme. The mood board has a slight focus around eyes which is something we want to incorporate into our digipak, as it hints at a more mysterious side.

Mood boards are important as they help to create a specific idea of what the product could look like and gives an overall direction for it to follow. We will use our mood board throughout the creation process to help us finalize the design and to use as a guide for the final product.

Digipak – Past Students Work

Camera and Photoshop

The photos used are all of good quality but there is not much variety within the shots. The inner left and back sides are both medium close ups but the medium distance shot of the band gives a nice contrast to the closer shots of the rest of the digipack. Meanwhile the manipulation of photos is exceptionally good, especially the use of colour throughout the digipack. The colours that they have used are conventional of the indie rock genre. The inner left side is very cleverly manipulated so that the hands are only different colours while still looking realistic.

Mise En Scene

The mise en scene is okay. It doesn’t seem out of place within the concept and genre of the band but does not do anything to connote the genre. Due to the editing of the photos it is also hard to see what the groups costume is and what the props are on the back page.

Integrated Images, Text, Use of Colour and Typeface

The typography for the digipak is simple, clean and fits the genre well. The font is easy to read as the white of it contrasts well with the darker colours of the rest of the product and is consistent throughout. The text is well placed and allows for easy reading.

The digipak has all the features of a conventional digipak, and conveys the genre of the band well. It has been made to a high standard, with the inner left side being a particular standout. The theme is consistent throughout and the camera and Photoshop work along with the typeface is professional and gives the digipak a strong theme.