Production Skills Evaluation 2

On the 28th of June we had an industry professional come in to watch our video and teach us how to do effects that we wanted but were unsure about how to do. Using his expertise we were able to learn how to apply and about colour correction, stabilisation and creating a “ghost effect”.

We used colour correction through the lumetri colour effect to make our video more aesthetically pleasing to look at and to highlight the colours in our sets. The red of our costume and props is important as they represent the love and anger our character feels towards her boyfriend and helps to convey our story through semiotics. We also used the colours to make our video look more stylized and edgy which are characteristics often found in our genre.

We also were taught how to stabilize shots by using the warp stabilizer in premiere pro. By using this we are able to create more stable shots which makes our video easier to watch.

As our narrative is about the two sides of one person we wanted to try and show their connection by using a glitch or ghost effect to physically connect the two sides through a shot. We were able to do this by using overlays and the track matte filter. These tools allowed us to have two different shots play over each other to show this connection.


Production Skills Evaluation 1

Since doing our draft 2 we have learnt a lot about editing videos through Premiere Pro.

Some of these skills include learning how to use the razor tool which allows us to cut and edit specific parts of clips without affecting the rest of the section. Another tool we have used is the speed/duration tool which allows you to edit speeds and also reverse the speed. We used this tool to create engaging effects which help add to the narrative sense such as having our character walk backwards to represent going back to the past. We also used the dip to white effect at the end to create the illusion that our character had died which also added to the narrative sense.