Here is my montage which shows the daily life of a student at sixth form. From the exercise I have learnt how to plan a shoot and edit it to fit a piece of music. This will help me further when I create my music video.


  • Range of different shots
  • Easy to follow
  • Matches the music
  • Use of match on action and eye line shots


  • Needed more long shots
  • Not enough different events
  • Some shots have bad quality

Here is my original storyboard for my montage.




Preliminary Continuity Task

Here is my preliminary video which we did to practice creating continuity within a video and to practice other video filming skills.

This activity helped me to learn how to shoot videos properly, how to plan a shoot and establish continuity, and how to edit a video using premier pro. While editing our video we realised that when our actor opens the door, in one shot she uses her left hand while in the close up she uses her right. Due to this we had to cut the shot of her walking up to the door short in order to keep continuity within our video. We also realised that we lacked close up shots, which is something I will make sure to have in the future.

I have used the shot-reaction-shot, close up shots, action match up and the 180 degree rule camera techniques to create a sense of continuity within my shots and to make sure the viewer is able to understand what is going on. I have also learnt to use the following continuity editing rules such as making sure that clips match up to each other and that it makes narrative sense.

I have learnt to edit clips using tools such as clipping, pasting and  Premiere Pro and have used these tools to edit my video effectively. If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently I would have shot the conversation from different angles to give more variety to my video.