Narrative Storyboard

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We have put together a narrative storyboard allowing us to fully understand and be prepared for our music video, it’s helpful to lay it out and see exactly what we need as we can develop ideas. It means that location, mise-en-scene and a shot list can be efficiently compiled and allow us to use our time more efficiently and not waste time on shots that wont be utilised in our music video.

Star Image Planning

Above we have put together a slideshow which looking into our star image, helping us understand the original star a little more. Looking at his interviews and previous music videos its clear that he is open and supporting of the LGBTQ community, this is a prominent theme in our song, therefore we have choses to have two boys in our video to reflect his theme and lyrics. We can also see from the interviews Wrabel has done that he is well informed on has strong feelings to social issues and is an ambassador for acceptance on social media and in his work, we can see that he is passionate and has always loves music as he is pictured playing a grand piano reflecting classic training and he is using this platform, talent and fame to spread positive messages on social issues. The starts meta-narrative is that he is sensitive and has strong feelings towards his values and belief therefore he uses his music to convey that. This brand that our artist, Wrabel, has created we would like to respect and reflect in our music video.

Music Video Draft 3

Above I have inserted our third draft, we have now put together more shots, and now have the shots from our third shoot which was a big success allowing us t0 progress a lot with the video and put into action our editing ideas for the chorus in place. We have also developed skills and put in effects on our shots to make them appear darker. We have received peer feedback in the youtube comments on this video and I have put them in below:

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Looking at these I can develop some targets as well as seeing what went well.


  • More close ups
  • re-shoot out of focus shots
  • more narrative shots


  • editing to the beat
  • narrative shots and theme
  • effects over shots

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

(above is a picture taken from the shoot)

Looking at our shoot overall I have gathered some targets and things that went well, looking forward to the next one as by reflecting on the last targets this shoot went a lot better. This time we had a clear shot list and set of ideas that we knew we needed to get, it meant that it was easier and quicker to get the shots we wanted leaving more time to get a wider variety of shots. Despite that using the go pro meant that some of the shots were not so well framed or there happened to be water on the lens ruining the shot, as we hadn’t used a go pro before this came from being unexperienced and meant that we couldn’t use a few angles that we shot. After looking over the footage all together, despite this, the majority of the shots are to be included in the actual video.


  • have more practise if filming underwater with the go pro as the shots would’ve been better if we could’ve seen what we were filming as we were doing it.
  • make sure the people we are filming are well prepared and informed as to what they have to do.
  • when planning try and work around when the location will be being used by the rest of the public to make shooting easier.


  • we reflected on our last target and made sure our shots were in focus.
  • we filmed a wide variety of shots.
  • our performers had had more practice and were more familiar with the lyrics, so it looks better when we came to lip sync with the music.

Music Video Draft 2

Here is our second draft for our music video, we re-shot the majority of our footage as the first shoot was out of shot and not to the best standard it could’ve been. Above is our second draft of our music video, which includes very different shots to the first draft as these were filmed at Noah’s house. I am satisfied with how the footage tuned out, and I feel as though we now have so many clear shots which we can use in our final draft as well as some that I don’t feel will be used. Our main priority for this shoot was to obtain shots such as Noah lip syncing, as this would take up a large portion of our video. However, we also filmed some narrative between Noah and Sam, reflecting how Sam was one of Noah’s previous relationships, thought to have been the one for him. This footage allows us to portray the conflicts and emotion that are talked about and felt in the song. Looking forward to our next shoot I feel that we will need more variety of shots as that is what this shoot lacked.

Risk Assessment 2

We have risk assessed our third shoot and drawn up another risk assessment that I have put in above. We are doing this shoot in our own time so it is our responsibility to watch out for ourselves and for our models. We feel it’s important to do this to ensure the shoot goes well and we have considered every outcome possible. This risk assessment is for our third shoot with Noah and Sam, which will be down at the Bathing Pools. The footage will be in our third Draft to come.

Narrative Development

Above is our narrative development that we put together on slides. This task allowed us to understand exactly what the narrative is for our music video is going to be, so when we complete it we do so to the best of our ability and effciently by having a clear plan and set of ideas in place before hand. This means that the message we portray is one which fits our music video/theme, and also helps us with the mise-en-scene and links in with the genre of our video. This is also about us being able to be clear on what emotions we want to convey at what point in the music video to develop audience connection and narrative.

Examples of equilibrium are in both the chorus and the bridge, where the performer states that he is going to get his act together,  and when he says that he has come to terms with the pain he feels. Disruption in the second verse is shown when the performer states how he thought he had found the perfect man for him, and when the relationship ended, he compared his feelings to death. Therefore, there is a conflict of feelings between the pair, as the performer still loved him, but his partner did not love him back.

Rough Cut – Draft 1

Above is our rough cut from our first performance shoot, we feel this went well but have a limited range of shots that w e feel we could actually use as as our performer wasn’t totally confident in the lyrics. So we will have to reshoot to get a wider range of shots and now think about filming the narrative making sure this time that our camera is better in focus as well, because when we went back and reflected on our footage after the shoot we found that a lot of the shots were slightly out of focus.

What went well:

  • wide range of shots, angles etc
  • good framing of shots
  • successfully set a professional environment

Improvement areas:

  • ensure the camera is fully focused
  • ensure that the performers know the lyrics
  • use a wider range of filming locations

We aimed to capture close ups to portray emotion in our video and link to the conventions of our genre. By using the camera to get close up straight on angles we wanted to put across a raw emotional tone to go with the idea of heartbreak in our narrative. This heartbreak narrative fits perfectly with our genre and by using the camera in this way we can continue our branding theme and genre.

Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Our first shoot started with us having a meeting with our performers and preparing a shotlist. This heped us to confirm exactly what we would be doing and relay to the performers what sort of things they would be doing and the mise-en-scene of our video. Despite this Molly and I felt that our shot list could’ve done with having more detail and being clearer as in future this would help us to utillise the time we have more efficiently. We also found that we need to make lyric boards for our performers as they weren’t totally confident in the lyrics. Despite that, we felt that the bathing pools was a really good location for the shoot due to the variety of leading lines, textures, colours and frames we  could make different shots out of. Throughout the shoot we were able to be efficient and develop a more professional tone, despite filming in public, which meant everyone was more comfotable and produced better footage. In conclusion I am pleased with how our first shoot went and now realise what we will do differently in the next one.

Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos of us out on shoot but I did have  afvourite shot that we put together, where Noah was at the bathing pools and at a medium long shot, with the waves in the background which looked effective as well as the leading lines of the railings, as we also hope to overlay the last shot of him onto breaking waves to form a theme in our final product.

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