Pitch + Feedback

Here is a copy of our pitch to our teacher and their feedback which. Discussing and reflecting on our ideas for shot and mes-en-scene was very important as we could further our ideas that will work and eliminate ones that are out of our reach to execute or not appropriate.


  • strong theme with water, incorporating that colour shceme throughout the music video.
  • make sure to balance performance with narrative shots, to create substance for the video so that it can relate to the song.
  • to acomplish our red stained tshirt idea we need to figure out a pump system to get that seeping and spreading effect. The sybolism for this is trong but need to figure out the logistsics for it as it will be a vital metaphor and reoccuring shot.
  • We are not going to have a band, but instead will have the main (male) star performing the lyrics. We have decided to have the star perform this in front of water (Bathing Pools) and in a more built up area (town.)
  • Make sure that our shots and ideas are finalised before shoot so we have a clear and precise idea of what we want so we can utilise the time well and get the best product, make sure we have a variety of shots including close ups to portray emotion.





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