Production Meeting Agenda for performance Shoot

We had a meeting between us and our performers and completed the above production meeting agenda. This will make it clear as to who is responsible for what aspects of the shoot allowing us to make the most of our time and have a more successful outcome than previous attempts. Although this is a step forward it could still be improved by including more details regarding angle height, distance, model and mise-en-scene.

To help us on our next shoot we have created a rough outline of the path we would like to see our music video take, we feel that this will most likely change slightly when it comes to reviewing the footage and actually applying effects and adding structure, but it means that we are much more likely to gather all the footage we need at the time and not have to reshoot. We feel more confident and prepared for this shoot as we have further developed our ideas and structure, and hope to see a big development in our next draft.


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