Narrative Development

Above is our narrative development that we put together on slides. This task allowed us to understand exactly what the narrative is for our music video is going to be, so when we complete it we do so to the best of our ability and effciently by having a clear plan and set of ideas in place before hand. This means that the message we portray is one which fits our music video/theme, and also helps us with the mise-en-scene and links in with the genre of our video. This is also about us being able to be clear on what emotions we want to convey at what point in the music video to develop audience connection and narrative.

Examples of equilibrium are in both the chorus and the bridge, where the performer states that he is going to get his act together,  and when he says that he has come to terms with the pain he feels. Disruption in the second verse is shown when the performer states how he thought he had found the perfect man for him, and when the relationship ended, he compared his feelings to death. Therefore, there is a conflict of feelings between the pair, as the performer still loved him, but his partner did not love him back.

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