Narrative Development

The task embedded above  allowed us to understand specifically what the narrative is for our music video and how it should be, this gives us a clear path on how to develop and produce the best product possible with clear aims, ideas and branding, this will mean that when we develop the message we want to put across it is is one which fits our music video/theme, and is also appropriate with the mise-en-scene  we have chosen that links in with the genre and tone of our video. Being able to be clear on what emotions we want to convey at what point in the music video will help a great deal in allowing us to develop audience connection and narrative through our video.


Looking at our music video thus , we can find examples of equilibrium are in both the chorus and the bridge, where the performer states that he is going to “get his act together,”  and when he conveys that he has come to terms with the pain he feels to be able to move onto better and healthier relationships. There is also evidence of feelings of disruption in the second verse which is shown when the performer states how he thought he had found the perfect man for him, saying “I thought I found the one when I was 23” and when the relationship ended, he compared his feelings to death, the saying “and when it was done it nearly killed me”. Therefore we can clearly see that there is a conflict of feelings between the pair, as the performer still loved him, but his partner did not love him back and the relationship therefore didn’t work.


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