Rough Cut – Draft 1

Above is our rough cut from our first performance shoot, we feel this went well but have a limited range of shots that w e feel we could actually use as as our performer wasn’t totally confident in the lyrics. So we will have to reshoot to get a wider range of shots and now think about filming the narrative making sure this time that our camera is better in focus as well, because when we went back and reflected on our footage after the shoot we found that a lot of the shots were slightly out of focus.

What went well:

  • wide range of shots, angles etc
  • good framing of shots
  • successfully set a professional environment

Improvement areas:

  • ensure the camera is fully focused
  • ensure that the performers know the lyrics
  • use a wider range of filming locations

We aimed to capture close ups to portray emotion in our video and link to the conventions of our genre. By using the camera to get close up straight on angles we wanted to put across a raw emotional tone to go with the idea of heartbreak in our narrative. This heartbreak narrative fits perfectly with our genre and by using the camera in this way we can continue our branding theme and genre.

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