Rough Cut Draft 1

Our first draft of our music video is embedded above, as a first draft it is missing variety, editing and development of ideas for the shots. I feel this shoot was not as well planned for as it could’ve been this was caused by the lack of development of a clear and set idea or plan for the music video. Our performer was not confident in the lyrics and this is evident in the shots, despite trying to rectify this on shoot it is clear after looking over the footage that it isn’t in time or performed with as much charisma as it could be. We also failed to take a wide range of shot types and didn’t have full confidence in our camera skills as you can see from some of the slightly unclear and out of focus. To summarise below are two lists, one of targets and one of what was a success in the shoot.

What went well:

  • good framing of shots
  • Appropriate use of setting/location
  • Interesting variety and use of shot distance.


  • Make sure to better plan the shoot with clear ideas
  • Be prepared ensuring we have confidence in the performers ability and our own camera abilities.
  • Expand and develop ideas hinted at, use different locations and potentially involve a prop or a recurring theme.

Having a better plan is going to be vital for our next shoot, to be able to convey and develop our ideas having a planned shot list would be essential. Shot types such as close ups are perfect to convey emotion and tone to reflect the song and without these the video and the audio will feel disjointed and basic. We have key themes and ideas surrounding love, and heartbreak in our song which we are keen to put across through are camera work and this will eventually develop our genre, branding and tone to move forward with after the video.


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