Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Our first shoot started with us having a meeting with our performers and preparing a shotlist. This heped us to confirm exactly what we would be doing and relay to the performers what sort of things they would be doing and the mise-en-scene of our video. Despite this Molly and I felt that our shot list could’ve done with having more detail and being clearer as in future this would help us to utillise the time we have more efficiently. We also found that we need to make lyric boards for our performers as they weren’t totally confident in the lyrics. Despite that, we felt that the bathing pools was a really good location for the shoot due to the variety of leading lines, textures, colours and frames we  could make different shots out of. Throughout the shoot we were able to be efficient and develop a more professional tone, despite filming in public, which meant everyone was more comfotable and produced better footage. In conclusion I am pleased with how our first shoot went and now realise what we will do differently in the next one.

Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos of us out on shoot but I did have  afvourite shot that we put together, where Noah was at the bathing pools and at a medium long shot, with the waves in the background which looked effective as well as the leading lines of the railings, as we also hope to overlay the last shot of him onto breaking waves to form a theme in our final product.

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