Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

(above is a picture taken from the shoot)

Looking at our shoot overall I have gathered some targets and things that went well, looking forward to the next one as by reflecting on the last targets this shoot went a lot better. This time we had a clear shot list and set of ideas that we knew we needed to get, it meant that it was easier and quicker to get the shots we wanted leaving more time to get a wider variety of shots. Despite that using the go pro meant that some of the shots were not so well framed or there happened to be water on the lens ruining the shot, as we hadn’t used a go pro before this came from being unexperienced and meant that we couldn’t use a few angles that we shot. After looking over the footage all together, despite this, the majority of the shots are to be included in the actual video.


  • have more practise if filming underwater with the go pro as the shots would’ve been better if we could’ve seen what we were filming as we were doing it.
  • make sure the people we are filming are well prepared and informed as to what they have to do.
  • when planning try and work around when the location will be being used by the rest of the public to make shooting easier.


  • we reflected on our last target and made sure our shots were in focus.
  • we filmed a wide variety of shots.
  • our performers had had more practice and were more familiar with the lyrics, so it looks better when we came to lip sync with the music.

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