Star Image Planning

Above we have put together a slideshow which looking into our star image, helping us understand the original star a little more. Looking at his interviews and previous music videos its clear that he is open and supporting of the LGBTQ community, this is a prominent theme in our song, therefore we have choses to have two boys in our video to reflect his theme and lyrics. We can also see from the interviews Wrabel has done that he is well informed on has strong feelings to social issues and is an ambassador for acceptance on social media and in his work, we can see that he is passionate and has always loves music as he is pictured playing a grand piano reflecting classic training and he is using this platform, talent and fame to spread positive messages on social issues. The starts meta-narrative is that he is sensitive and has strong feelings towards his values and belief therefore he uses his music to convey that. This brand that our artist, Wrabel, has created we would like to respect and reflect in our music video.

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