Production Skills Evaluation 1

This project has meant that I have developed my skills in using programs such as Premier Pro, despite this I still have skills to develop. Looking at the project so far I have used the skills to edit the video to the beat as well as edit the color and tones in the shots to reflect the mood of the song itself. Below I have put in images of the settings I changed  and the before and after effect it had one the shot. By raising the intensity of blue and green tones it links to the water theme that flows throughout the video and means that the images flow well as there is no abrupt change in overall tones. As well as this it relates back to our research of our artist and the genre and tone of the son overall. Focusing on the tone of the song we lowered the brightness to reflect the mood.


before editing (click to open)

editing settings (click to open)

after editing (click to open)

Chorus editing sequence (click to open)


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