Music Video Draft 2

Here is our second draft for our music video, we re-shot the majority of our footage as the first shoot was out of shot and not to the best standard it could’ve been. Above is our second draft of our music video, which includes very different shots to the first draft as these were filmed at Noah’s house. I am satisfied with how the footage tuned out, and I feel as though we now have so many clear shots which we can use in our final draft as well as some that I don’t feel will be used. Our main priority for this shoot was to obtain shots such as Noah lip syncing, as this would take up a large portion of our video. However, we also filmed some narrative between Noah and Sam, reflecting how Sam was one of Noah’s previous relationships, thought to have been the one for him. This footage allows us to portray the conflicts and emotion that are talked about and felt in the song. Looking forward to our next shoot I feel that we will need more variety of shots as that is what this shoot lacked.

  • Adjust filters to fit the mood in all shots.
  • try to remove the moving shadow in the back of the main star in front of the window.
  • involve more variety of shot types.

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