Evaluation of Web Design Application

During the process of designing and producing our website we developed a lot of new skills and acquired some new terminology for conventional features in media we used but now have a better understanding of.  In our own website we learnt how to link pages to buttons on our navigation bar and main page images. We did this by adding in a button then selecting it so that a tool selection bar would appear above it. Then by clicking the small link icon a menu opens up allowing you to choose what you link that button too, from another page to a phone number. As we wanted to link it to a page we selected that and then it allowed us to choose which page we wanted from a drop down menu on the right.

( Example of Adding Links to Buttons )

Following on, another skill we developed which was crucial to keeping to the generic website conventions was being able to include our artists social media links. This was key to promoting, and selling our products to make our artist successful. Below is an image showing that by selecting the ‘+’ button from the editing sidebar and finding the subheading ‘Social’ we are able to insert a social media link bar making it clear and easy for our audience to find our products from our website.

( Example of Adding a Social Media Link Bar )

We learnt another skill when it came to presenting our merchandise we had made on our page. We wanted to be able to showcase all angles of the product but without having multiple individual images as we felt this wouldn’t be able to be showcased in an organised or attractive way. We decided we needed individual slideshows for each product so that any website user could look through every angle of each item in an organised and more professional looking way. In the image below you can see that by selecting the ‘+’ icon again in the editing sidebar and this time finding the subheading ‘Interactive’ you are give a range of slideshow options. After choosing an appropriate one, similar to adding a link to the button, you select the slideshow and in the bar that then appears above there is the tab ‘Manage Slides’ which lets you edit each slide individually. We selected each slide individually and changed the background to an imported image of our personalised merchandise. This created the exact effect we wanted to fit with the style of the website as a whole.

( Example of Creating a Slideshow )

Overall, after going into this task not having any experience with this specific website I feel that the product we ended up with was very successful. Having no experience with this site made the initial tasks more challenging but the site was helpful in the sense that the tool buttons had text boxes linked to them that described what the tool did. The site also provided us with templates which gave us a sort of map of how things worked and were linked together, this meant we could base our work off of this and add and remove aspects we liked and disliked, such as the amount of pages we had linked in or the background colours.

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