Lick and Stick Mock Up

I created a lick and stick mock up using the ‘Massive albums special’ NME cover. Conventional technical design features are vital element of designing a magazine cover, as without them the magazine wouldnt be able to convey and image and style to appeal the the buyers and readers. This tells me that when I come to create my own music magazin,  my main cover star will be the focus of my cover, this is because it perfectly portrays my magazines brand and image instantly, therfore appealing to my target audience.

My Image That Uses Mise-en-scene for Meaning

We decided that this image wouldn’t be the final look for our ‘Hip Hop/Rap’ genre, we created a look using some items available within the school’s fancy dress bags to successfully convey the stereotypical genre given to us. After we established a finished outfit we decided to try and suggest an adjective each to describe the overall image we had constructed. Some words we came p with include: thug, fresh, cool, expressive, sassy, loud, dangerous, rebellious, tough and funky.

i moved on to do some research on the Hip Hop/Rap genre and created the above mood board using images I’d found online in order to put across the mise-en-scene of the genre. Using this for inspiration we  decided on what our model would be wearing for our photo shoot, as you can see it is prominant that caps, chains and joggers are a key elemet of the style, so we managed to involve these aspects into our final image within the shoot. Even details like poses were taken into account and we attempted to recreate some of these moves during our shoot.

Above you can se that we have created a contact sheet from our photo shoot that used; high-key lighting in order to create our magazine cover photo, the chains, hoodie, joggers, cap and glasses illustrate and represent the hip hop/rap genre  as well so we could achieve our goal of creating an image for our front cover.Above is our final image that we have decided on. We chose this because we believe it brings together the overall attitude of the hip hop/rap genre. We have used mise-en-scene including costume, lighting, action, makeup and hair, props and setting in order to create our final look.

Technical Camera Terms

The atmosphere of an image depends on a few key things: lighting, distance, angle and composition. These elements mean that each image can be totally unique. Below I have experimented using  different angles, and some different lighting. This experimentation with the camera has put down a good foundation for photo-shoots in the future.

Above are too image that came out form my shoot with Mary, as you can see they are very dimly lit shots. We liked this effect as it created atmosphere and we went with that using props like the emergency phone and the green lighting to give it a sense of narrative as well. The top shot is a mid shot, straight on using the light to bring focus to the details in the hands of the model. Looking at them we can see a sense of desperation, exhaustion and panic. The second shot is a medium close up shot from the side of the model still using that green tint in the lighting with the silhouette of the model to pull together the composition of the shot itself.

The Camera Talks

We chose these nine photos as we felt they were the images that communicated an atmosphere and story the best. Each images that portrays distance, lighting and angle in a different way which I have noted beneath them. The meaning of an image can be manipulated and changed by the angle and composition of it, even if its the slightest of differences, especially in lighting and distance. These images were chosen as they are all similar but different to each other and therefore tell different stories as well as one overall.

By giving each image a few hashtags in order to highlight the atmosphere of each photo and give a brief analysis of them it helped to link them. This task also helped me to gain experience and skill with using  the cameras, getting used to handling them and utilising the settings. My favourite shot is the one of myself stood with my hands pressed against the wall. This is because the green lighting we captured, complimented by the shadowy silhouette connotes mystery, desperation or exhaustion and an eerie sense.

Print Media Communicates Meaning


The magazine cover I have chosen to breakdown shows that each part of the cover was chosen to convey certain meanings and create a certain atmosphere to add to the genre. It Promotes the brands individual identity through the use of techniques such as using a very bold and clear sans-serif font in a blood red. The shape of this font and the color are the opposite of subtle, suggesting that the brand has confidence and is comfortable in being adventurous. Following on from that theme the other key, shocking, element of this magazine is the eye catching star image of a woman in red lipstick, holding a used skateboard with a black mask on. Conventionally these concepts are not usually put together but this band uses this contrast to highlight their image and attitudes, as unconventional and edgy.