Music Video Draft 4

Here is our penultimate draft for our music video in which we have applied previous feedback and targets to work towards the final product. Below is some feedback on this draft which will help us really refine and our work. With our fourth draft we have applied the Youtube comments feedback to our work and tried to develop if further with those targets in mind.

We have two sets of feedback for this draft, the above is teacher feedback from Mr Gregson which is a much more analytical and technical point of view, and below is feedback from on of our peers, Carney, which is more of a ‘target audience’ type of response as she leans more towards picking out what she enjoy or techniques work for the genre rather than from a course work criteria perspective.

After reviewing all of this feedback we can conclude some targets to refine and perfect our final draft;

– finish the section at the end
– keep color editing consistent
– Edit sea shots to be less grey, push the colors in the blood shots by increasing the contrast.
– adjust timing of the chorus cuts and cut in further to the shot after.

Overall there has been good progress over the drafts, it is now time to refine and make the last adjustments to assure the video flows and keeps on brand.

Below is our final draft where we have perfected and applied our targets, I am pleased with the turn out and look forward to developing these ideas further with different types of media.

What We Changed:

– Finished our final shot sequence
– Made our color editing consistent and relevant to the shot
– Corrected chorus timing to match the beat

To conclude, I feel the music video is now complete and I am happy with the outcome. I feel that e had strong and consistent themes which means they will be easier to relate to as we move into designing our artists brand through a DigiPak and a website.

Music Video Draft 3

Above I have inserted our third draft, we have now put together more shots, and now have the shots from our third shoot which was a big success allowing us to progress a lot with the video and put into action our editing ideas for the chorus in place. We have also developed skills and put in effects on our shots to make them appear darker. We have received peer feedback in the youtube comments on this video and I have put them in below. This feedback will help to see what aspects of our work we need to alter at this stage and what techniques we have used that have gone well.

Looking at these I can develop some targets as well as seeing what went well, for example I can conclude that we need:

  • More close ups
  • re-shoot out of focus shots
  • more narrative shots

Despite this I also feel that this task highlighted some things that our audience went well, for example:

  • editing to the beat
  • narrative shots and theme
  • effects over shots

Feedback From Teacher


Above is the embedded video with the feedback from our teacher for the second draft of our music video. After watching and taking in this feedback I have concluded some targets and ideas to develop the video further.


  • Look to incorporate proxemics, i.e people with their backs to each other or looking different ways
  • Develop similar shots of Noah by cutting or zooming in to create variety.
  • consider another shoot to expand shot types.
  • Develop the colour themes potentially with props such as coloured water.
  • Focus on details such as leading lines and the rule of thirds in our footage.
  • Capture eye-line shots in potential further shoots.
  • Develop performance footage.

In conclusion, our footage is appropriate but our filming skills need to be developed to involve and show a range of skills and techniques to put across the mood and tone of the story line.

Audience Ideologies

As we couldn’t manage to find any information on GOV.GG on our artist; Wrabel, Molly and I made the decision to go with a similar artist; Sam Smith. We decided on this artist due to the similarities he holds in music style, personal branding and ideals in his work. After researching Sam Smiths audience we were able to assess what sort of audience we should aim to appeal too. We discovered that more right wing, young females were who we were now looking to design our artists branding around. From doing this task it allows us to find out what a similar audience to ours would enjoy and the apply that to our own music video through the use of the typical conventions. This information is very key to our entire project as without it we do not have a target to appeal too. We found out that the average Sam Smith follower is an 18-24 year old woman, typically living in London with a career in home and garden. This tells us that an emotional, and a more feminine style would be appropriate. From this I have put together a dating profile so we can accumulate our data and put it in plain form to be able to better understand the type of audience we are aiming our product towards.

Below I have inserted the dating profile I have put together based on my research.


Music Video Draft 2

Here is our second draft for our music video, we re-shot the majority of our footage as the first shoot was out of shot and not to the best standard it could’ve been. Above is our second draft of our music video, which includes very different shots to the first draft as these were filmed at Noah’s house. I am satisfied with how the footage tuned out, and I feel as though we now have so many clear shots which we can use in our final draft as well as some that I don’t feel will be used. Our main priority for this shoot was to obtain shots such as Noah lip syncing, as this would take up a large portion of our video. However, we also filmed some narrative between Noah and Sam, reflecting how Sam was one of Noah’s previous relationships, thought to have been the one for him. This footage allows us to portray the conflicts and emotion that are talked about and felt in the song. Looking forward to our next shoot I feel that we will need more variety of shots as that is what this shoot lacked.

  • Adjust filters to fit the mood in all shots.
  • try to remove the moving shadow in the back of the main star in front of the window.
  • involve more variety of shot types.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

(above is a picture taken from the shoot)

Looking at our shoot overall I have gathered some targets and things that went well, looking forward to the next one as by reflecting on the last targets this shoot went a lot better. This time we had a clear shot list and set of ideas that we knew we needed to get, it meant that it was easier and quicker to get the shots we wanted leaving more time to get a wider variety of shots. Despite that using the go pro meant that some of the shots were not so well framed or there happened to be water on the lens ruining the shot, as we hadn’t used a go pro before this came from being unexperienced and meant that we couldn’t use a few angles that we shot. After looking over the footage all together, despite this, the majority of the shots are to be included in the actual video.


  • have more practise if filming underwater with the go pro as the shots would’ve been better if we could’ve seen what we were filming as we were doing it.
  • make sure the people we are filming are well prepared and informed as to what they have to do.
  • when planning try and work around when the location will be being used by the rest of the public to make shooting easier.


  • we reflected on our last target and made sure our shots were in focus.
  • we filmed a wide variety of shots.
  • our performers had had more practice and were more familiar with the lyrics, so it looks better when we came to lip sync with the music.

Risk Assessment 2

We have risk assessed our third shoot and drawn up another risk assessment that I have put in above. We are doing this shoot in our own time so it is our responsibility to watch out for ourselves and for our models. We feel it’s important to do this to ensure the shoot goes well and we have considered every outcome possible. This risk assessment is for our third shoot with Noah and Sam, which will be down at the Bathing Pools. The footage will be in our third Draft to come.

Narrative Storyboard

click to open

We have put together a narrative storyboard allowing us to fully understand and be prepared for our music video, it’s helpful to lay it out and see exactly what we need as we can develop ideas. It means that location, mise-en-scene and a shot list can be efficiently compiled and allow us to use our time more efficiently and not waste time on shots that wont be utilised in our music video.

Narrative Development

The task embedded above  allowed us to understand specifically what the narrative is for our music video and how it should be, this gives us a clear path on how to develop and produce the best product possible with clear aims, ideas and branding, this will mean that when we develop the message we want to put across it is is one which fits our music video/theme, and is also appropriate with the mise-en-scene  we have chosen that links in with the genre and tone of our video. Being able to be clear on what emotions we want to convey at what point in the music video will help a great deal in allowing us to develop audience connection and narrative through our video.


Looking at our music video thus , we can find examples of equilibrium are in both the chorus and the bridge, where the performer states that he is going to “get his act together,”  and when he conveys that he has come to terms with the pain he feels to be able to move onto better and healthier relationships. There is also evidence of feelings of disruption in the second verse which is shown when the performer states how he thought he had found the perfect man for him, saying “I thought I found the one when I was 23” and when the relationship ended, he compared his feelings to death, the saying “and when it was done it nearly killed me”. Therefore we can clearly see that there is a conflict of feelings between the pair, as the performer still loved him, but his partner did not love him back and the relationship therefore didn’t work.