Risk Assessment 1

Production Meeting Agenda for performance Shoot

Here is the production meeting agenda that we have put together. This shows a rough outline of the mise-en-scene of the shoot, and the responsibilities of both our performers and ourselves. We may have been able to include more detail, however I feel as though we know what we want to do and therefore this was not a necessity.

We have also drawn up a visual shot list, enabling us to have a better understanding of what we are shooting in more detail. Again, this is just a rough outline of some of the shots we wish to include, however it has prepared us well and means we have something to follow when shooting.


Genre Conventions Analysis

I have inserted above our genre analysis screen-castify, which contains an in-depth analysis of various conventions of our genre. This has helped us to develop our understanding of the genre, and has given us inspiration regarding the creation of our music video and what subjects and mise-en-scene to include. It will act as the blueprints for us to use a repertoire of elements to provide predictable genre in context to our genre.

(Here is just the speakers notes from our presentation.)

Pitch + Feedback

Here is a copy of our pitch to our teacher and their feedback which. Discussing and reflecting on our ideas for shot and mes-en-scene was very important as we could further our ideas that will work and eliminate ones that are out of our reach to execute or not appropriate.


  • strong theme with water, incorporating that colour shceme throughout the music video.
  • make sure to balance performance with narrative shots, to create substance for the video so that it can relate to the song.
  • to acomplish our red stained tshirt idea we need to figure out a pump system to get that seeping and spreading effect. The sybolism for this is trong but need to figure out the logistsics for it as it will be a vital metaphor and reoccuring shot.
  • We are not going to have a band, but instead will have the main (male) star performing the lyrics. We have decided to have the star perform this in front of water (Bathing Pools) and in a more built up area (town.)
  • Make sure that our shots and ideas are finalised before shoot so we have a clear and precise idea of what we want so we can utilise the time well and get the best product, make sure we have a variety of shots including close ups to portray emotion.





Test Shoots

We were asked to choose twenty seconds of our final song choice then practice, experiment and play around with different shots and get comfortable with using the camera in preperation and practice for our actual music video.


  • Editing to the beat.
  • Having a variety of shots.
  • Match withe the lipsyncing.


  • Wider range of shot distances and angles.
  • ensure to check the focus before filming as a few shots are out of focus.
  • improve lip syncing and potentially include more.
  • keep a high energy throughout the video.
  • Work on camera taechniques, practice with hand held shots.
  • Improve promenance of the storyline, ensure model has a strong well acted role to create a clear narrative.

Final Song Choice

  • Above is my new updated pitch which I have improved with my partner Molly.
  • We chose the song her song; ‘Bloodstain’ by Wrabel as it is young, fresh and relatable so this would work really well with our target audience, as well as giving us lots of options and ways we can edit our music video around it.
  • The song is very catchy and modern, it has a strong beat which emphasises the emotions the artists is trying to put across.
  • Finally, it has an interesting narrative that we can work with about reoccurring heartbreak, passion and commitment to finding real love.

Song Shortlist and Moodboards


Above is my first draft of my pitch for Seventeen by Peach pit, the general idea of the song and the video is to emphasise those ideas of being young and free but not to forget that even though they  are young they still have responsibilites, despite trying not to dwell on them.

Here is Molly’s pitch where her overall idea is about a man who consitently gets his heart broken but accepts it in the search for real love.

Perfect Production Group

Above is an agreement Molly and I have signed to help us work best as a team, this agreement means that we have already dicussed how we are going to tackle disagreements, sharing the workload and differing opinions. This is a great safety net looking into the future of our project together as it will help eliminate big disagreements and therfore meaning that we can hopefully produce the best quality work we can and enjoy the process.

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