Preliminary Montage

Above is my preliminary montage of a school day, I have used the following specific camera technique match on action to create a sense of continuity, context and purpose to the clips as there was no dialogue. I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules such as establishing shots and crosscutting to provide the audience with a clear understanding of place and a continuous storyline.

I made this short, rough video using the Premiere Pro software, using tools such as the cutting tool to edit my clip length and pick out the right clips from my footage to compile a organised video, that made sense. If I were to do this project again I would include more detail in the story line through the use of techniques such as eye line match and match on action, I would also develop my skills in premiere Pro so that I could remove the sound and replace it with an appropriate montage soundtrack.

Preliminary Continuity Task


Here is a script we were given to base our second preliminary task on. This video was aimed to help develop our skills and understanding of continuity in a video. In the video I have included below we have used camera techniques such as the 180 degree rule and eye line match. we used these techniques to put the audience in the characters shoes, to help them develop further understanding of the story line and become involved in the text. From using Premiere Pro I put together this video, it helped me develop skills with organising clips and editing so that my eye line matches would work and make sense with the text. I feel that this task really helped me to get an understanding using the camera and framing and filming shots, we re shot lines over and over again to get the shot we felt conveyed what we wanted best. This was really enlightening to how relevant and crafted media is to deliver and present emotions and situations to the audience.

If I were to recreate this task again I would have more shot variety to create interest and convey emotion better in the video, as I felt this video conveyed the story well but could’ve been improved with more details and more shots to cut to to keep interest.