Our Flow Chart and Preferred Website template

Above I have inserted a flow chart that Molly and I have put together to show how we plan to layout our own website to work and the kind of information, conventions and features we want our audience to access on the site. We want to include generic conventions such as the artists information and tour dates/tickets as well and introducing some of our own ideas to personalise the site and make it more appropriate for our brand and genre. We want it to be easy for our audience to use thats why we plan to include features such as a permanent home button on every page and a side bar to navigate between specific pages.

Between us we decided on the above template from ‘WIX.COM.’ We chose the one above as we felt the layout was simple and bold as well as easy to navigate, we also felt that the bloc colour design would be conventional to an indie pop website with some editing on colours to make it more appropriate for our artist specifically. We had already decided that a simple layout was going to be most effective as this would mean the information we are trying to communicate and products we are trying to sell would do that easier, meaning our audience would feel more inclined to make purchases if the process was simple.

Website Terminology

Before going straight into designing our website we needed to look at the conventions of a website. I decide to revert back to Sam smith as again his website was developed enough that we could see what features were used to support and promote him as an artist. By now having the understanding and terminology of a website it will make it more simple for us to be able to subconsciously have this in mind when developing our music video. In terms of being an artist it is important for a website to be professional and user friendly as this means it can sell the artists music, products and advertise their social media to enlarge their audience reach. Below is Sam Smith’s website which I have gone through and simply labeled the website conventions that he has used to advertise and present his brand, music and products.