So how’s it going

I feel so far my brand is clearly relflected within the design of my pages and the images of my stars. The conventions are there ones that link to hip hop, ones of contrasting vibrant colours contrasting to the darker side with the dark fonts infused with other colours. The logo and all pages were created and thought out by me with help of feedback of peers so I could really create the ideal music magazine for my genre.

Firstly I have learnt many new skills within the design aspect that I can use later on in my life in many aspects. I now understand how to use both photoshop and InDesign to a good level, this can be helpful within the future. Also with the images of my magazine I have learnt how to collate the most suitable images to fit genres and the perfect angles. By doing this I have begun to learn how to manipulate images to really tell a story or have more depth or texture to them.

Finally many skills I have improved or learnt are transferable in every day life. I have really improved my organisation skills having to organise models, times to shoot photos and collecting correct costumes. Communication skills having to constantly work well in groups to achieve the best outcome .


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